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Help/Support ► Do you get teased?

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Princess of KH

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Jul 3, 2007
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I know all about teasing. Ok, well, not everything, but i've delt w/ it for a LONG time. It started in, um, fifth or sixth grade. I'm a girly girl, but i also am the exact opposite at the same time. I do ballet, cheerleading, i love the color pink (i love blue too :D), i love going shopping, & i love high heels (ok, that's not neccessarily a thing all girly girls like, but i thought i'd help get the point across.). As for the other side of me: i LOVE action movies (Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, you name it.), i LOVE video games (Halo, KH, FF, Jak & Dax, you name it), i LOVE anime, manga, & shows like that (Naruto & DBZ are the awesomest ever!)

So, i get made fun of all the time. It was the worst it's ever been last year, cause this guy that i thought was a good friend was nice to me 40% of the time, & mean to me 60% percent of the time. Ugh...anyways, i know what it's like to be made fun of. I know it's not fun, trust me. But, i know sometimes, if you're being made fun of, you know you're doing something right. Like, i'm not a popular person. I got made fun of by the popular kids, so i knew i was doing something right. I didn't ever want to be like them, & so i knew that if they made fun of me, i wasn't acting like them. Get my point?

I've mastered the art of being apathetic & ignoring people that make fun of me. Just do this & you'll be ok: Be apathetic - you don't need to care about what they think. Unless it's true, it's NOT true! So don't think about it. It's not important. Ignore it - just ignore what they say. If you want to make them mad, just ignore them. It drives them crazy! It'll be hard to at first, but it becomes a habit after a while.

"You point your finger at you, & i'll point mine right back at me..." - "Apathetic Way to Be" by Relient k
Listen - if anyone wants to make fun of someone, go to the mirror. There's enough hurting people out there, don't add to the numbers.


you can never leave KHI
Mar 30, 2005
I get the occasional BS but as long as you don't acknowledge them your fine.
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