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For others who want more Square enix stuff in kh


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Jul 13, 2008
Actually every Square Enix game ever is actually a FF spinoff. Even Dragon Quest. Spin offs everywhere.

That means TWEWY is also a spin-off from FF.

And that doesn't keep it from Being a spinoff. Ether rather Squall and cloud being in it or not doesn't keep it from being a Spinoff.
It was Squares pitch they took Final Fantasy game play and made it action based
They took the items and spells that are from Final Fantasy even if no Final Fantasy characters appeared in the series it would still be a spinoff and a Cross over due to this
It isn’t, though. And that isn’t even how the concept came into conception. They only added in FF characters to give audiences familiar with SE’s games something to attach themselves to.

If you read the interviews from the KH1 Ultimania, you can see that they had built KH around Disney properties and only decided later on to add FF characters because they needed to fill in roles that Nomura didn’t feel Disney characters would fit into.
—With what priorities in mind did you choose the characters from the Final Fantasy series?

Nomura: I ended up with more Final Fantasy characters than I thought. At first I planned that there would be less. Well, as I kept making the story, I thought about which characters to put in each role, and there were many places where Disney characters would not fit in. For example, I couldn’t think of any Disney characters to put in as the Destiny Island children. When I thought about which character would guide Sora in Traverse Town, nothing struck me. Then I thought I should just make new characters, but they would just show up once in awhile and they would not be as appealing as the Disney characters around them. Since that was the case, I came upon the idea of using Final Fantasy characters to choose which characters that would fit the roles. When it came to choosing who would be the swordsman who guides Sora, I believed that Squall fit the role the best.

If KH was a FF spinoff, it wouldn’t be a property owned by Disney. SE would own Kingdom Hearts, but they don’t. Disney holds the rights and works in collaboration with SE to make the games.