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Fanfiction ► Just one little promise....

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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
(K so I never said this yet and so I’m going to say it now… Kairi’s mom is called Hannah …)
Chapter 3: A wish fulfilled or not?

Kairi hadn’t gone home until late in the afternoon. She walked through the door ignoring her mother complaining about her leaving and about her not even saying hi to her and Rick and going straight to her bedroom.

After a while of talking into thin air thinking she was talking to her daughter, Hannah finally found out that Kairi wasn’t there, and that she had went up to her room, Hannah stopped talking.

“Kairi, I almost forgot to tell you… I boy stopped by earlier… umm, I can’t seem to remember what his name was but I think it started with an ‘S’,” Hannah yelled up the stairs, “he said he’ll stop by again later, but I have to go shopping now so I’ll see you later.”

After hearing this, Kairi immediately suspected it was Sora. She ran down the stairs to go ask her mom more about the boy but her mom had already left. Kairi went into the kitchen to get a snack but there was nothing good to eat. “I’m glad Mom went to go shopping we have like nothing to eat.” Kairi said to herself almost laughing.

The doorbell rang. Kairi ran to get it tripping on one of her mother’s many shoes.

“Oww, damn, Mom needs less shoes,” Kairi said out loud, as she reached for the door handle. She opened the door and saw who was standing there.

“Sora!” Kairi screamed jump though the half open door and falling right on top of him.

“Umm…” Sora started.
“Yes, what is it?” Kairi asked with a huge smile on her face.

“Can you, umm, get off of me?” Sora said. Kairi blushed and jumped up almost immediately.

“Sorry, I was just so excited I mean I haven’t seen you for almost a year.” Kairi said.

Sora smiled, “Well I’m glad to see you,” he said politely.

Seeing Sora’s smile Kairi realized something.

“You, you’re not the real Sora are you?” Kairi said disappointed.

“What makes you think that?” Sora asked.

“You’re smile, it’s not as happy and as beautiful as his and you’re eyes they are much to dark, almost black, and they show much pain. His eyes are blue, blue like the ocean and they always…always show happiness no matter what.” Kairi said while in a dream like state.

“Hmm, you’re a clever girl and your feelings for Sora seem to be more then just those of friendship...”

“Yeah, well that doesn’t matter, why are you here?” Kairi asked.

“Hmm, to bad you and I could have made such a cute couple,” he said as if Kairi had never even spoken. He reached towards Kairi’s arm push she pushed him away, hard.

“A couple with you…? Never the only person that I want is Sora…no one else, no one…” Kairi screamed. The boy reached again but this time Kairi was ready for it and instead of just pushing him away she grabbed his arm and flipped him.

“Oww, oh, so little Barbie has been working out.” He moaned.

“Yes, but never call me Barbie,” Kairi said backing up as he got up, “I’m never going to be a damsel in distress again!”

“Are sure about that?” he said, summoning many heartless.

“Oh damn, not them again,” Kairi whispered to herself, while she continued to backup into her house.

As soon as she got through the threshold she tripped over one of her mom’s shoes.

“Damn, Mom what a time to leave your shoes in front of the door!” Kairi uttered. Some of the heartless pounced but then almost out of nowhere someone jumped and destroyed all the heartless that were about to attack Kairi.

Kairi recognized him at once.

“Sora…wait is that really you, or are you just another copy.” Kairi questioned.

Sora smiled and at that instant Kairi knew it really was him.

“SORA!!!” Kairi screamed jumping on him, “Sora, let’s defeat these heartless and there so called leader.

“Umm, Kairi if we want to fight them…you’re going to have to get off me,” Sora stammered.

“Umm, yeah, I seem to be doing this a lot,” Kairi blushed, getting up.

“Well, that isn’t fair, two against one, hmm, what should I do, oh I know,” he said innocently.

There was a flash of light then Sora and the boy were gone.

“No, Sora can’t be gone not yet,” Kairi cried, “he’s supposed to stay here, here with me.


“So mister Teddy Bear what do you think Kairi is doing right now, I do hope she feels better, “Namine said while drinking tea.

“Hmm, yes I do believe you are correct, she is a strong girl.” Namine said while looking at her big purple stuffed panda.

“I hope my wish comes true…” Namine whispered.

“Oh, what is my wish…?” Namine started, “my wish is this…”

What is Namine’s wish? What happened to Sora and the Boy? Who is this boy? Is Namine crazy? All will be answered in the next chapter…lol

(I’m sorry if it's not to interesting or anything but it's been really hard to write this chapter... Comment, please…) (Oh and sorry if the end annoyed anyone I just had to put it…lol)


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
Here's the next chapter hope you all like it...:) :D

Chapter 4: A promise
“Oh, what is my wish…?” Namine started, “my wish is this… I wished that Kairi would be able to live a happy life with the one she cares about the most, the one she loves.”

“Oh, don’t tell me you don’t know who she cares about the most…” Namine laughed, “That’s Sora of course, silly!”


“No…Sora…Sora, you can’t be gone…you just came back…you were supposed to stay here with me…Sora come back…come back to me…I need you…” Kairi whispered to herself. She slowly sank down to the ground. She kneeled there and started crying. She started crying all the tears she had tried so hard to hold back ever since Sora had left last year, all the tears she had held back when Riku had left and all the tears she had held back when Sora hadn’t come back for such a long time.

Then she suddenly stopped crying and stood up.

“This time I won’t just sit here waiting, this time I’m going to find Sora, this time it’s Sora who needs saving not me and I’m going to be the one to do it.” Kairi murmured in a determined voice.


“Where are we?” Sora asked.

“This here is the Dark Oasis… it is my world… the one that I originally came from.” The boy explained.

“Then who exactly are you?” Sora asked.

Then suddenly there was a right flash of light and there standing in front of Sora was a boy a bit older and taller then him with red hair. It was true he did look similar to Sora but not as similar as he had before.

“My name is Blaze,” He said.

“Blaze…why does that name seem so familiar, why do I seem to know you, I’ve never even seen you before,” Sora screamed beginning to get a strange feeling of fright.

“Oh my… you don’t remember me at all do you?” Blaze said innocently, “but that is partially my fault, to bad you came back so soon.”

“What the hell are you talking about and how did we get here so quick, the last thing I remember was me protecting Kairi from you.” Sora exclaimed.

“Oh well that doesn’t sound to nice now does it, eh Riku?” Blaze asked.

Riku stepped slowly into the light.

“Sora…Sora it wasn’t…it wasn’t my…” Riku said slowly.

“Sora, see here, Riku has been a very bad boy, he ratted out where Kairi was and all your weaknesses,” Blaze interrupted.

“Riku…how could you? I never thought you’d sink so low just to beat me and get Kairi,” Sora said almost in thought.

“It wasn’t for Kairi,” Riku screamed but getting more and more quiet, “I swear it wasn’t for Kairi.”

“Then why, why did you do it?” Sora asked almost expecting Riku to have an amazing explanation so he could forgive him, but he couldn’t think of any possible way that what Riku did could possibly be for good and not evil.

“I did it… I did it because…I…” Riku began.

“Well anyway, let’s get this stupid reunion over with,” Blaze interrupted.

“Riku… Why? why did you do it?” Sora asked expectantly.

“Riku come on, over here,” Blaze said to Riku.

Then Riku walked over as if he were a little puppy dog getting scolded by his master.

“…Riku…” Sora murmured.

Sora… I’m sorry... was the last thing Sora heard before there was another big flash of light.

“Sora, is that you? SORA, your back! I thought you had left me!” Kairi said, getting up and trying not to look like she had been crying.

“What happened to you? Where were you? Did that boy do anything to you?” Kairi questioned.

“Nothing happened to me…”Sora murmured, “It was strange it seemed like he wasn’t trying to hurt me…just to discourage me…or something.”

“Discourage you? What do you mean?” Kairi asked eagerly.

“Riku…Riku, he was there…he was there at the dark oasis…why?” Sora said in a dream like state.

“Riku was there? How was he? Is he alright?” Kairi asked even more intrigue, now that two of her friends had been there.

“Kairi, just promise me, promise me that if you see Riku make sure to get away as soon as you can, ok?” Sora stated.

“Huh? Why? What happened to Riku? What’s wrong?” Kairi asked worriedly.

“Kairi, just promise me…ok?” Sora uttered.

“Okay… I promise…” Kairi said quietly but loud enough for Sora to hear.


“Hey, mister Teddy Bear, look there’s someone moving into that old house down the street… I think I’ll go great them…” Namine said while looking out the window.

Namine ran down the stairs skipping each second step until she reached the door. She ran out into the street and ran down the sidewalk on the other side.

When she got to the house she notices a girl a little shorter then her but they looked about the same age. The girl had red hair that actually looked more like a dark, dark orange. She had freckles all over her body and she was wearing a green striped shirt with dark blue jeans.

“Hello…” Namine said.

“Oh, hello… as you should have figured out by now I’m sorta new here…so I was wondering where the schools and everything is, so umm could you help me out?” the girl asked.

“Oh, sure,” Namine said.

She pointed out the way to the school and in doing so she dropped the sketch pad she forgot to put down when she left her room. The girl picked it up.

“Wow, this is really good, did you draw it?” the girl asked.

“uhh…yeah, it’s sort of a hobby of mine.” Namine said a bit embarrassed.

“Wow…you’re a lot like my sister,” the girl giggled, “Rika, come over here”

The girl Rika came from behind the moving fan.

“Yeah, what is it Tieka…” Rika asked.

“Tieka…wow that’s a really pretty name,” Namine said.

Tieka blushed.

“Hey, wait, what is your name? I mean you know ours but we don’t know yours,” Tieka stated.

“Oh, my name is Namine, well anyway, come on I’ll come show you the school and all the places that you’re going to have to know.” Namine said while she started to walk away.


Sorry if this one isn't as good as my other ones I've had alot on my mind lately... and basketball is becoming a real pain... but hope you like it...

(P.S. srry for your only brief appearance in this chapter katie...It was hard to put a new character in...)


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Jun 26, 2006
Some place I've never been... wait a sec... this s
why did you think namine was evil??? well anyway..I guess your going to have to wait for next time to see why Riku betrayed Sora...and Kairi..lol....*grins mischieviously*....* laughs like an evil scientist*... hahaha my creations has finally come alive.....I don't know why I just said that.... I guess I'm hyper... well I gotta go to bed so I'll try write the next chapter but it can't be for a while cause I have basket ball all weekend...and then with homework... I can't believe how busy I am...lol:toungesmile: oh well

Ohh...and happy belated birthday Katelyn....lol
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Nov 9, 2006
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I have a realy dark feeling of what Riku was gonna say.

Please don't make him say He loves Sora. I beg you.

Riku wants to get Kairi out of the picture so he can have Sora to himself, right.
this is just a guess, and I threw up twice just typing this (wait it was 3 times) Please don't!!!!!

Oh and best ever fanfic, I'll vote 5 stars after I found out on why Riku did it.


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Nov 18, 2006
I'm really excited for the next chapter so I hope you post soon! Great update btw, keep up the good work!
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