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Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts Reality~IT'S NOT JUST A GAME

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Mar 8, 2006
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Look I’ve just gotten this idea, tell me I should continue it or not.

1st Chapter

A tall boy in junior high school uniform was walking on the pavement. His hair was dark brown, and while walking, he kept yawning and scratched his hair.

“Kai…..to!!!” He turned back. A girl, also in uniform, ran after him, out of breath.
“You escaped again from your work!!!” she said angrily. “Oh please, just for today…” he said. “What again? Last week you’ve escaped from your work to buy souvenir!”
“I don’t like my hair style, “said Kaito, “I wanna make it look spikier.”

The girl looked at him sharply. “If you talk about ‘spiky’, don’t say to me you’ll gonna make it like Sora’s, “she said.
Kaito looked back at her. “I want to, but no, I won’t, “he said.
“Great, coz I’m tired of your KH illness, “said the girl, “About why you escaped last week, because of KH too right?”
“Hey, that’s limited edition!!”
“Yeah yeah, it’s still KH.”
“You like that girl in that video game right? You’ll never get a girlfriend.”
“You know what? You two are completely different, ya know!”
“You’ve told me hundreds of time.”

The girl stopped talking. Maybe she knew that Kaito’s last word was a danger alert. But she kept talking in a softer voice. “And then, you will tell me that just our names that are same…” “Coz it’s right!!” shouted Kaito. But…it was wrong, for Kaito. On his first day in his school this year, he discovered that he would be in a same class with a girl named Kairi, and in his opinion, they looked “almost” the same. What differed them just her hair, this girl’s hair is blond (resembled Namine’s) and one more, her characteristics…

“Suppose if you’re REALLY Kairi, “ said Kaito.
“Sorry to disappoint you but it will NEVER be!!” said Kairi, sticking out her tongue, “Don’t compare me with a girl from a video game!” Yeah, always like this. Kairi always went berserk if Kaito said anything even if it was just a litttlllleeeee about Kingdom Hearts. And in the end, she would stick out her tongue and said, “Don’t compare me with a girl from a video game.” Then she would run and leave Kaito behind. A-S--U-S-U-A-L.

This habit started when Kaito sat next to Kairi. From Kaito, Kairi knew everything about KH. She looked interested at first, but then she got rather offended when Kaito started to criticize her coz her characteristics (in Kaito’s opinion) was faaaar from Kairi in KH, although their names were exactly the same. And our two friends started fighting about KH…KH…and KH…but it made them even closer like childhood friends. Have you guessed? Kaito liked Kairi, yeah, but what they did everyday was just fighting about KH…KH…and KH…However, Kaito enjoyed his daily “ritual” with Kairi, as long as he could stay near Kairi, he didn’t care. Although as a result, Kairi kept on angry with him because of being considered having bad characteristics (and because of the Kairi in KH thingy).

When he arrived home, Kaito changed his clothes and turned on his computer. He has promised to chat with his three best friends, who also were a big fan of KH; Shiro, Ken, and Yuta. Kaito really liked to talk with them, especially Ken.
[Kaito]: Hey guys
[Ken]: Hi kaito, long time no see!
[Kaito]: he-eh I’m pretty busy these days
[Shiro]: Kaito! We miss you so much!
[Yuta]: Yeah, we really miss you!
[Kaito]: Goodness, I only haven’t meet you guys for a week
[Ken]: Oh yeah, Kaito, how’s your love story?
[Shiro]: Yeah we haven’t heard for a full week lol
[Yuta]: yeah, Kairi!
[Kaito]: nothing’s special
[Yuta]: Kaito, you’ve said that Kairi is yours a looooong ago and now you got the real one lol
[Kaito]: I was still eleven that time, you fool, and this girl’s not Kairi
[Shiro]: Childish eleven hahaha
[Ken]: course we know that this girl’s not Kairi, we’re not dumb, we’re just happy coz after four years, you have somebody you love lol
[Ken]: and her name’s Kairi
[Kaito]: ah shut up! Have you known the kh2 US release date?
[Shiro]: just play the Japanese version!
[Kaito]: I wanna know the US version too!
[Yuta]: anyway, have you changed your hairstyle?
[Kaito]: nope, kairi’ll tease me up
[Ken]: she hates you, doesn’t she?
[Kaito]: whatever, hey somebody tell me!
[Ken]: well maybe you can find it from the internet, you know, google?
[Kaito]: ok I’ll try
[Shiro]: see ya, Kaito!
[Yuta]: bye!

Kaito boringly Googled and found what he was looking for. When he was ready to close the internet, he suddenly saw…a Kingdom Hearts website link.


It didn’t have any more information. Just that. What was Kingdom Hearts Reality? His curiosity made him clicked the website link.

And he would know…that what he did that time would cause the biggest disaster in his life he would ever regret.

Well this chapter was just explaining about the main characters. What do you think?

Keyblade Smitey

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Feb 25, 2006
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Okay, he has noooooo idea what he has just gotten into XD. This story could ROCK! I gotta google that KH reality, my life sucks. SOOO BOOOOOOORRRRINNNNGGGGG! Please keep this up, I need to see what it could be like!

I know, I'm sad...

So very sad.


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May 2, 2006
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What? WHAT?!! What happens to Kaito?:eek: Please COUNTINUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S My first post!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dec 17, 2003
This has the potential to be great fic ^^

Just work on your spelling a little and I'll be sure to read the next chapter.


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Mar 8, 2006
email me and i'll tell u!
this chapter would start their adventure, hope you like it

Chapter 2

As soon as Kaito saw what was inside that website, he just blinked. There was nothing inside except a few sentences. No other links. No options. Not even pictures.




___________________ as Sora (please insert your name, you are a male user)

___________________ as Kairi

___________________ as Riku

___________________ as Donald Duck

___________________ as Goofy



Kaito started to think that this is such a ridiculous question, but, yeah, interesting…as he was so bored at that time. Anyway, it was funny, how did this website know that he was a boy? He did as he was told, inserted his name in Sora column. Then he thought about the rest…if just…well this was nonsense, it would never become true, stupid wish…if he could play as Sora and Kairi he liked as Kairi in Kingdom Hearts game… that was impossible…he laughed and inserted the Kairi column.

Now just left three…who he knew liked these three characters? Ah whatever…he inserted Ken’s name in Riku column (coz he thought Ken was his best pal), Shiro’s name in Donald, and Yuta’s name in Goofy (Yuta was very tall, mind you). He clicked Confirm and waited (of course he paid no attention to the big red BEWARE).
“Kaito? Come on down for luch!” said Kaito’s mom from outside his room.
“Yes wait a minute Mo—“ But suddenly he was blinded by blast of light, which came from his own computer monitor.
“What the—?“ he asked loudly, but soon he couldn’t see his room anymore, and he felt his body was sucked into that light, without anything he could do to stop it…

Kaito fell into deep, deep darkness. He could feel something…cold sensation in his body. It felt like his body was being morphed…or something…he didn’t know.
‘What happened to me?’ he thought, ‘What is this? Where am I?’
He could hear voices inside his head, “Welcome to Kingdom Hearts Reality, User, you will play as Sora the main character. In this game, Game Over will DELETE the character from the game system. Run your character’s tasks to proceed to the next mission. THE GAME WILL NOT OVER UNTIL YOU REACHED THE END OF THE GAME.”

“Remember…your life both here and there…is only one.”
There was another flash of light, and Kaito saw in front of him, not darkness, but a vast ocean and clear blue sky. He also noticed that his feet were wearing a pair of yellow shoes, which he had never bought or even seen in any shops he ever visited, his T-shirt and shorts were replaced by red pants, a black vest, and a…what? He never bought any of these!!! How could he wear these clothes and sit on a beach all of the sudden? Besides, he seemed to know this sand, this sea, this sky, this beach, these clothes…As usual when he was confused, he raised his hand to scratch his hair, but he realized that his hair was also changed. Spiky hair.

“So…ra? Are you Sora?”
Sora? Who –in a beach like this?— could ever call him Sora?
Absolutely wrong person…Kaito looked back and saw, a boy with silver hair, looking at him as he met someone who he had never imagined. Riku.

“Erm, I,” he said, examining his own body, “I may look like Riku but I’m not Riku, Sora! I was just playing internet at home and…oh you won’t understand…”
Kaito remembered this accent…he just knew one person who liked KH and talked in this kind of way…

“Ken?” he asked happily.
Riku was stunned in place.
“H-how do you know my name?” he asked.
“Ken! It’s me, Kaito!”
“Kaito? Unbelievable! You really look like Sora.”
“Maybe, but you really look like Riku either.”
“Wait this doesn’t make sense, I guess I’m dreaming.”
“No you aren’t! This is not a dream!”
“Are you really Kaito?”
“Well then, how long did you battle Sephiroth?”
“Four and a half minutes.”
“Then this is not a dream. This is really Destiny Islands.”
“What? Destiny Islands were…”
“I’m 100% sure, “said Ken seriously, “I’ve been here many times before in the game.”
“Listen Ken, I found this weird website…”
Then Kaito explained all he knew about KHR.
“You made me Riku??”
“I’m sorry, I was just bored and…”
“What about the others? They must have been transported to this Kingdom Hearts World Game…”
“What should we do?”
“Well I heard we must finish the story till The End…”
“That means…”
“Well, you have no other choice; you must beat Ansem, save Kairi and all those…”
“Oh My God, Kairi!” said Kaito, “Where is she, Ken?”
“Dunno, “said Ken, “The story now…”
“That raft, right?” asked Kaito.
“Look for her first, stupid.”
“Wait a sec, “said Kaito, “Remember the Secret Place?”
“Must I…carve a paopu?”
“Of course, you must follow the story, Kaito!!!”
“I don’t know how!”
“You must or I’ll kill you.”
“And don’t call me Ken, remember? I’m Riku, you’re Sora.”
“Well Riku, what happened if I die?”
“Easy, we’ll all die.”
“Whaaaat?? This is no Yu-Gi-Oh’s Game of Darkness you mean we’ll die if I lose the game???”
“How can we play the game if you die? We’ll all die, that’s it.”
“I guess so. So don’t just have fun coz you can lose your life anytime in these Heartless-polluted worlds…”

“…W-well then where’s Kairi? She must be confused, unexpectedly came to this island.”
“She’ll go anywhere and lost, if that’s what you mean…”
“No she won’t, she’ll remember my stories about this island.”
“Now that is your new hobby?” asked Ken, “Telling your girl about Kingdom Hearts?”
“Aw shut up.”
“There she is, Kaito!”

A girl with crimson red hair came walking to them –Kairi in KH game.
“Hey Kairi, I can explain…” said Kaito before Kairi spoke, “But I’m Kaito, you know?”
“Kaito? But…”
“Kairi, please listen!” said Kaito, “This website caused it all…”
Then Kaito, helped by Riku –or Ken—explained to her about KHR that made them suddenly changed into Kingdom Hearts characters.
“KAITOOO!!!! You made a terrible mess again!!!” said Kairi loudly.
“Ssssshh!! In this world, I’m Sora, Ken’s Riku, and you…well, at least your name doesn’t change.”
Somehow, Kairi’s expression changed when she heard this, but Kaito didn’t notice.
“So what now?” she asked, “I must ask Kai—Sora to bring some things right?”
“How could I remember the things you should…”
“Don’t worry; I know what I should do. I’ve played this game a dozen times, how could I forget?”
“Well don’t boast to me, coz you must survive till the end of the game, “ said Kairi.

Kairi left them, still looked angry. When Kairi couldn't hear them anymore, Kaito said to Ken, "Should I tell her that we can really die in this game?"
"No, don't, she'll kill you first."

that's it, what do you think? :D
btw, I won't copy the whole original dialogues, these people are not from the game, they can talk as they like, they can do whatever they like to finish the game, and so they make much trouble themselves, just like that ;)
anyway it'll gonna be quite an adventure, I'll make it...action-ish, like when battle bosses lol


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Mar 8, 2006
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I can't give you specific time, I'm workin on it, but this computer is randomly used so i don't know when I can finish typing the next chappy :p

this is just for information if...I'm not here for a long time :D

Keyblade Smitey

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Feb 25, 2006
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Okay, this is most freakage, but still uberly awesome!! Kaito is gunna mess up the story sooooo much with his foreknowledge of everything that's going to happen. I just know it! This is gunna rock, updart soon!


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Mar 8, 2006
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=.= Meh I just open the internet for around five minutes to post this chapter, post your comments, gotta go!

Chapter 3

“Yup just left one more! “ said Kaito while climbing the ladder, “I just need to take that Cloth and I can get back to…”
Suddenly he slipped and lost his balance.
He fell from around two meters high with his head first and………….
He could land on the ground perfectly.
What? What had he just done?
He never practiced any acrobats, but he was safe, just like that.
Still amazed with that event, Kaito took the cloth from the tree house (Me: well that looks like a tree house for me, sorry if I was wrong) and gave all the things he got to Kairi.

“You really sure you can handle this?” she asked.
“What? Course I can, why do you ask?”
“No I mean this game…”
“What? This game’s easy; I’ve beaten it many times in Expert Mode, with no codes and anything.”
“You boasted too much! This is NOT a game!” she shouted at Kaito.
“What are you talking about…? This is a game, see? We’re data, sort of…”
“Yeah, you never think about others, just keep on playing your game!” she said.
Kaito could hear her almost crying. What? What the hell had he just done to her?? Why did she suddenly…well almost…cry??? Kaito tried to remember if he had done anything bad to Kairi….about that work? Could escaping from work make a girl cry??
‘Oh no, don’t cry…I’ll go crazy!!’ thought Kaito.
“Why did you say like that??” asked Kaito.
However, it was the usual boys’s mistake, instead of saying, “What’s wrong, did I do something bad to you?” with great sympathy…they’ll say it with such anger and making the girl…cries once more!

Before Kairi could answer back, they heard a voice, “TASK…OVER…LOADING DATA…PLEASE STAND BY…”
“What the…?” asked Kaito.
(There was flash of light once more)

Kaito found himself standing on the beach again.
“Hey I haven’t finished talking to her!” he said to himself, “Stupid game…”
“Yo, Sora!”
“Hey Riku, and don’t say ‘yo’, Riku never said ‘yo’ and that’s so gay.”
“Bah who cares, c’mon to the Cove.”
“Behind ya, “said Kaito boringly, “I ruined all.”
“Ruined what?”
“Kairi, God, she was crying all over me, and that light separated us, now she’ll gonna mad at me…”
“Really? I thought she’s okay with you.”
“No, she hates me.”
“Cheer up man, sooner or later she’ll understand you.”

They entered the Cove and saw Kairi.
“Could you hide me?” asked Kaito.
“Don’t act like a mommy’s boy, “said Ken, “Now we’ll give a name to the raft.”
“You named it Highwind right?”
“I don’t care, cheer up, or I’ll gonna beat you in the race.”
“What? You’ll never beat me!”
“What race?” asked Kairi.
“The race to the big paopu, haven’t Kaito told you about this?”
“I didn’t tell her such stupid things, y’know!” whispered Kaito.
“Whatever, you’ll never beat me!”
“What? We’ll see about that. Kairi, count to three, okay?”
“Oh boys…” said Kairi, “One…”
“Hey Kaito, “whispered Ken, “How about the winner share a paopu with Kairi?”
“Think of it, ha!”
“No way…Are you kiddin?”
“Why not?”

“You cheat!!!” said Ken.
“I didn’t!”
“Yes you did! How could you…swing and jump like that? You never improve in sports!”
“Hey, Riku, this is a game, not reality, in this world, all Sora’s abilities are mine!! And what did you just say?? I could play soccer too, you dammit!!”
“Really? Then if Riku was so great, all his abilities are all mine either!! I’ll challenge you!”
“Okay, I swear I’ll kick your ass with my wooden sword…nah keyblade’s better, I’ll beat you up later.”

Ken and Kaito stopped arguing.
“Cut it out, don’t waste your time!” said Kairi, “This is no game! We must get out of here quickly!”
“Why?” they asked in unison.
“You two really have fun in this game?” asked Kairi.
“Why not? We love this game, and we never imagine that we can really play as the characters in it,” said Ken, “Why can’t we have fun?”
“Yeah Kairi you’re no fun, “said Kaito, “We need a bottle for the drinking water.”
Yeah Kaito you’re really fun, “said Kairi, “I’ll look for that bottle and have fun…”
She walked away.
“I’m a fool…”said Kaito.
“You look really regretful, “said Ken, “And she looks angry.”
“She’ll hate me forever…”
“Don’t you really want to share a paopu with her?”
“Yeah I win but I cannot.”
“Why not?”
“No please don’t talk about it again.”
“You’re a real fool in love problems.”
“Yes I am, happy?”

“Coconuts, check..” Kaito checked his things, “Two mushrooms, check...just left…”
He jumped and hung to the Shack with just one hand. Then he easily swung in the air and stepped onto the Shack’s roof.
“I feel like a feather!” he said happily, “Too bad I gotta throw away all of these after I finish the game.”
He looked up at the Seagull’s egg on the tree. He quickly he climbed the tree beside it and took the egg.
‘God, Sora really had a natural talent in these things,’ thought Kaito.
He jumped down to the sand and observed the sea.

“Hey Kaito!!”
Kaito turned around and saw Kairi running to him.
“I found the bottle you were looking for, “she said.
“Wow thanks Kairi!” he took the bottle from Kairi’s hand, “Erm…and I…”
Kairi looked at him.
“I’m sorry of what happened earlier, I know we don’t belong here…”
She nodded. “But you enjoyed it right?”
“You enjoyed your new body?”
“Y-Yeah. Of course!”
“Like a dream comes true, doesn’t it?”
“Not just that, “she said, “You’re happy to see me like this?”
“Nothin, “said Kairi as she walked away.

Kaito gazed at her for several seconds.
What? What is that “nothin”? Why did she keep making me confused??
He kept thinking of it while he observed the sea again.
He had a very good eye sight; he spotted one, two fish in a flash. He immediately splashed into the sea to catch it. Wherever that fish went, he didn’t lose sight of it, in his mind he wondered if LOCK-ON option was working now. He also could swim very well as he had learned to swim since he was four, although he never took any swimming lessons.
‘This is really great,’ thought Kaito.
He could easily catch those fish, and with high spirit he walked to The Secret Place. He took The Drinking Water and walked into the Secret Place.

It looked the same as The Secret Place he had seen in the game. The scribbles on the wall…the mysterious door…and the rays of the sun which light the cave. Kaito approached the door and found the last mushroom. And then he saw…the scribbles Sora and Kairi made when they were kids. Kaito thought for a while. He remembered telling Kairi in reality about this scribbles. Kairi said that it was a very sweet memoir.

‘Sweet memoir…‘ thought Kaito, ‘Suppose that you and I can REALLY have a sweet memoir together.’
Kaito sat there and took a rock. Ken had told him to follow the story.
‘This is not just for the story, ‘he thought, ‘You won’t understand that this is really my feelings to you.’
And he carved, just like in the game, a hand which was giving a paopu.

Just after he finished, he could hear a heavy voice of a man.
“This world has been connected...”
“Who’s that?!” asked Kaito, although (actually) he had been ready for this.
“Tied to the darkness…soon to be completely eclipsed...”
Kaito didn’t answer back.
“You understand so little…”
“Oh yeah? I’ll go away from this island soon! And I’ll travel to other worlds! More than other people! Understand?”
“……………A meaningless effort…One who knows nothing…can understand nothing…

“This all?” asked Kairi.
“Yup just take it, so we can proceed to the next scene!”
“………you’ll never away from me right?”
“What? I thought I’ve told you the next story, a looong ago, if you still remember.”
“Just wait, hear it?”
“Here we go again, “said Kaito.

“Now what should I do? Oh yeah look for Ke—Riku…”
Kaito jumped to the beach. He saw something swirling above the little island across the Seashore. It was dark so he hardly could see anything, but he knew Ken was there…
Suddenly, lurking shadows appeared beyond him.
“Oh no, I’ll take you guys later! LATER, okay? I’m busy!!”
Kaito quickly went into the Seaside Shack and crossed the bridge to reach the island.”

“Sora! I’ve waited for ya!”
“Is that…the ball which swallowed this island?”
“B-ball? Anyway, yeah.”
“Now what should we do?”
“Hmm…I disappear in front of you.”
“And I get the keyblade.”
“Now how?”
“Think yourself, God! Hurry up, the Heartless are here!”
“Aaakkh, give yourself to darkness!!”
“What? Hey darkness I give myself to you! Like that?”
“Hell dammit!!”

Suddenly swirling darkness appeared under their feet.
“How did you do that?” asked Ken.
“Anyway, see ya soon, I’ll go with Maleficent.”
“Remember to follow the story?”
“Yeah I’ll remember. You too okay?”
“Got it!”
“Don’t stay here too long!”
“I know, leave it to me!!”

There was a flash of light, Ken disappeared, and Kaito found in his clutches, a keyblade.


“Now get out of my way!!!”
Kaito bashed Shadows along the way while running towards The Secret Place, which now was blocked by a door.
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