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  • Law school? Cool stuff, though the last time we talked about academics I remember you were interested in the philosophy of language. Congratulations on finishing college.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts, whenever you find the time to write them.
    I'll respond on the thread in Intel soon, but that's the first you've posted in two years. Where have you been?
    Your story "Too Young to Die" is back up in the Creative Writing section, if you'd like to know.
    Haha I can actually relate to your parents and video game reference, my mother is doing that with my bother right now. She blames the game and therefore is always trying to find ways to get rid of it. The part that sucks it that it's my game (ps3) that I saved up for two years and she doesn't care if it gets accidentally lost or smashed.
    It seems we share some similar views on personal accountability

    Let's be friends
    hats off to you for an actually intellectual response within the religous section that is not biased from a devout christian/atheist because thats all that really is
    Yeah, I'm going to give him some shit later and figure out what's going on with it.

    And I may have been wrong about the wait, lol. I'm tossing an idea similar to 'bounce bounce bounce' around my head right now.
    lmao, I don't know how long you'll have to wait for stuff. I haven't been feeling very motivated lately, and I'm stuck using wordpad, which puts a damper on things as well.

    hopefully our laptop will be fixed soon, I miss it.
    God you are such a whore I mean really...

    I'm joking. Like I said, I appreciated your criticism, at least on my work as a whole. I realize that I've kind of fallen into that archetype, but those are usually just the ideas that pop into my head. And I've never really thought about repeat readers, so the newbies always compliment it and connect, lol.

    I WOULD like to argue against the whole gloom thing, though. I've written numerous pieces that don't really have any gloom in them: bounce bounce bounce, beep beep beep, peer pressure, ambushed, professionalism, 'didn't really stretch my imagination', and 'what is this I don't even' are all pretty much cheerful pieces, with professionalism being a possible exception.

    So ha!
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