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Fanfiction ► Master Icy's KH fan fic

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Master Icy

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Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
be happy that im doing this.

One day on destiny islands sora and kairi were skipping rocks down the sea, when a sea gull flew down and stole sora's crown chain.

sora: what!? hey that gull took my chain!!

kairi: there it goes sora! its headed towards the cove

sora: come on we gotta go after it!

kairi: sorry sora im to lazy to go. you go and do it. *falls asleep*

sora: some help you are. *runs to the cove*

"sora goes around looking for the sea gull but he never finds it"

sora: I wish i could fly out of here...

"link from legend of zelda of zelda the wind waker comes flying down"

sora: whoa!! where did you come from?

link: im trying to find this sea gull that took my map

sora: well there is a sea gull that took my chain

link: did you see where it went? maybe there is a connection.

sora: maybe so.. ok lets go

"the run through the area till they get to the highest point on destiny islands"

sora: do you see it?

link: wait... THERE IT IS!!

sora: I cant fly. how do i get accross

link: its easy. "takes out the wind waker baton" "calls on a cyclone to pick them up"

sora: we better get out of here. i see a storm comming

link: its ok thats what i called for

sora: what?

"a giant cyclone picks them up and sends them across the sea"

sora: where are we now?

link: look over there!! its the sea gull that i remember!

sora: yeah! thats the same one that took my chain!!

"the go jumping on rocks and leap to the sea gulls nest"

sora: here is my chain

link: and there is my map!

"they both jump in the giant nest to find a giant sea gull hovering over them ready attack"

link: *takes out his sword and shield*

sora: *takes out his wooden sword*

link: here use this *gives sora a little sword*

sora: thanks.

"the bird starts to peck at link"

link: *jumps backwards and shoots the bird with a fire arrow*

sora: *jumps up and hits the birds feet*

link: *grabs the birds feet and gets carried away with all of sora's stuff*

sora: hey come back!!!

link: im sorry i gotta get my stuff too *gets carried out to sea*

sora: now what do i do. i have no way to get off this island *sees a rock and sits there to think*

"he waits until night time"

"heartless start to appear"

sora: what are these things? *takes out his sword which then turns into a keyblade*

sora: O.O now this is getting interesting "starts attacking the heartless and eventually gets thrown into the sea"

"drifts for hours until he gets to some land"

sora: *cough cough* where am I?

*sees a pipe and gets into it*

*falls to an underground cave*

sora: where is this? i wish i had something to eat "stomach grumbles"

*sees something coming closer and closer. something green*

*a green yoshi tramples over sora*

sora: aaaahhhh

sora: what the f*** who creates a fan fic like this?? i get trampled and pecked..

*sees something red coming*

"mario comes running and tramples over sora"

sora: aahhh

mario: mumumia. i gotta get my yoshi

sora: now this is getting wacky.. mario and yoshi? and link?

sora: what next?

*gets up and goes through the pipe in the ceiling*

sora: now where am i?

*sees the giant bird with link*

sora: hey kid!!

link: its that kid from before *pulls the bird down and smashs it into the ground until it gets knocked out*

sora: now for my stuff *grabs his chain*

link: now where is my map? *sees something in soras pocket* thats my map!! you stole it!!

sora: what? no i just found this a couple of days ago

link: a likely story. im gonna take you down

link: takes out his sword

sora: *takes out his keyblade*

"link jumps in the air trying to hit sora"

"sora dodge rolls away and counter by smashing link into the next island"

"the bird wakes up and picks up link and flys away"

link: aahhhhh help me!!

sora: serves you right!

"mario comes out of the tube"

mario: how dare you do that to that kid!! im gonna kick your ars!

sora: not again!...

*mario takes out a flower and becomes fire ball mario*

sora: you got a new suit. what good is that?

mario: ill show you *shoots a fire ball at sora*

*sora's shoes melt*

sora: aahhh

*ice shoots out of the ground and tosses mario into the air and on his head*

mario: *becomes normal* mumumia! what was that?

*ice shoots around mario and throws him into the ocean*

*mario loses his last life* GAME OVER

*Master Icy comes from the water*

sora: now what? are you gonna try to kill me too?

Master Icy: no.. im here to help you. your world has been destroyed...

sora: *puts his hands up in the air* nooooooooo

Master Icy: oh does baby want a lolly pop? *gives sora a lolly pop*

sora: *starts crying* no no noooo *knocks it out of master icys hands*

Master Icy: well you didnt have to be rude

Master Icy: I am the prince of all the ice in the world. you can call me icy

sora: *stops crying* how did this happen?

Master Icy: your world was destroyed by the heartless. and some nerd named Jim.

sora: oh really? damn that sucks. oh well. now what do we do

Master Icy: the universe has been intertwined. all the worlds from all the galexies have fused into one world.

sora: what does that mean?

Master Icy: *puts a dunce cap on sora* this is what it means. WE NEED TO FIX IT

sora: well... ok where do we go now?

Master Icy: we gotta go to my favorite house. to the Ice Cap zone 1

sora: how do we get there

Master Icy: its easy. we take an intergalactic cab. but you gotta pay. because its your job to save the world

sora: but i dont have any shoes. and im out of money

Master Icy: *hands sora a credit card* use this

sora: umm... ok

"master icy and sora took a cab to the ice cap zone"

Master Icy: ok from here we must snow board down this hill

sora: oh no... oh hell no... im gonna crash and break something. i know it

Master Icy: non sense. you wont. here watch *pushes sora down the hill*

sora: aaahhhhhh *hits a tree and breaks his legs*

Master Icy: oooh sorry

sora: aaah... your messing with me.. everyones messing with me...

Master Icy: thats only because your so gullable

Master Icy: now lets go to my home

sora: ok....

"master icy and sora got to master icys home. and when they did sora got his legs healed and got some new shoes that were normal size"

sora: ok so what do we do now?

Master Icy: now we go the disco ring

sora: disco ring? but what about my chain?

Master Icy: oh right... ummm... hmm... where.... oh i know lets go to... i really have no idea

sora: oh great. this is just great. now im stuck with you... grrr

*sonic the hedgehog comes running to them*

Master Icy: oh sonic... hey... well

sonic: get the hell of my property.. your trespassing

Master Icy: run sora! run!!

*sora runs in the opposite direction of master icy*

sonic: ok kid what are you doing with that guy?

sora: i need to get my chain

sonic: you mean this? *pulls out soras chain*

sora: really? your just going to give it to me?

sonic: no. i must have 1000000 to buy 10000 chili dogs.

sora: *takes out the credit card*

sonic: ok thats all.. *gives sora the chain*

sora: where do i go now? my home is destroyed

sonic: well you could always go back to that icy guy

sora: hell no. that fool broke my legs

sonic: they dont seem broken

sora: well he healed them but...

Master Icy: but what?

sonic: get off my property you boob *starts wacking icy with a broom*

Master Icy: aahhh *gets swated into a wall*

sonic: well i gotta go get some chili dogs

Master Icy: how did you pay for your chain sora?

sora: i used that credit card you gave me

Master Icy: ok you have to pay me back for all that money

sora: OH NO IM IN DEPT!!!

Master Icy: yes you are. so pay me now

sora: i dont have any money

Master Icy: oh well ill just have to wake you up then

sora: what?

"sora wakes up by kairi"

kairi: sora you lazy bum. i thought id find you snoozing out here

sora: but it was so real. i was in dept and everything and there was this guy. and.

*sora gets hit on the head with a coconut*

sora: what was that?

Riku: come on sora. we gotta get to the other worlds remember?

sora: nooo we cant.. or else some bird will take our stuff and.... oh well lets build the raft

riku: ok you get the supplies

and thats the end of this chapter. how do you know its done? because its not done yet


"sora gets on the raft and they sail out to sea"

*link comes flying down with the bird*

link: aaaahhhhhh

riku: who is this guy?

sora: oh no it wasnt a dream... ITS A NEVER ENDING STORY!!!


I don't like bugs!
Jun 23, 2005
Be happy that you're doing this? I think YOU'RE the only one happy that you're doing this... Or I'm the only one that's not. Oh, wait. My sis says she's unhappy, too. This is just a whole bunch of videogame characters put together with no point. It's written terribly, and you started your first sentence with a huge chip on your shoulder. You couldn't have fit said chip in the largest bowl on the planet!

Master Icy

New member
Aug 17, 2005
Where the old Toonami went.
continues the story.

link: aahh *crashes into the raft causing it to sink*

riku: sora!!!

sora: kairi!!!

"they all get separted as the raft breaks apart into three sections"

*the giant bird picks up sora and takes him to traverse town*

"link and sora are stuck in traverse town while the bird flies away"

link: oh great you again!!

sora: yeah its me.

"Master Icy appears with Pipee"

sora: hey how you doin there bozo. and who is this cute girl

Master Icy: shes my wife

sora: oh sorry. so what are you doing here. with your wife.

Master Icy: im here to dance. there is a disco room over there

sora: disco?

link: hey what about me? your ignoring me arent you?

Master Icy: yeah disco. its like. cool music dancing.

"so all 4 of them go to the disco room in traverse town to find that the disco ring is full of disco dancing heartless in elvis suits"

Master Icy: well look the heartless are dancing too.

"oathkeepermaster dances with the heartless"

Master Icy: hey oath

oath: hey Master Icy. hey Pipee. and who are these two bums?

Master Icy: this is sora. and who are you again?


Master Icy: cool down man "gives Link a cup of ice"

Link: what am i sopposed to do with this? theres no water

Master Icy: no man chew it. crunch it. its good

Link: *crunches ice and eventually breaks his teeth* aaahh my teeth

Master Icy: you dont have strong teeth do you?

Link: ow *starts to cry*

Master Icy: *kicks link out*

"Master Icy Pipee oath and sora dance til morning"

Master Icy: wow that all night groove thing was great.

sora: *sleeping* snore uh uh. must dance. snore. all night... snore.... i ... i ... love you... kairi

Master Icy: o_O ok then well... where is that little dude in the green. link was is name?

Pipee: i think he left.

oath: yeah man. he was out of the groove.

Master Icy: oh well.. i wonder what happened to those dancing heartless...

"heartless are dancing all over the roofs of traverse town"

Master Icy: why didnt i notice that before... oh well.

sora: *wakes up* ahh . heartless they are everywhere!! we gotta destroy them

"sora takes out the keyblade and the heartless start break dance fighting sora"

sora: "dodge. counter. gets hit" aahh help me guys

Master Icy: "puts on some disco music by earth wind & fire"

oath: "starts break dance fighting the heartless by spining on his head and continually kicking the heartless out of the town"

Pipee: you go oath

oath: "still break dancing to the groove"

Master Icy: well shall we go?

oath: ok just hold on. i gotta go the bathroom

Master Icy: ok we will meet up with you later

Pipee: what do we do now?

Master Icy: lets get sora to key bearer. he would know what to do.

Pipee: ok

"they go to key bearer who is fighting mario in the alley"

key bearer: *takes out his keyblade and starts smasing mario in the face*

Pipee: go key bearer

Master Icy: hey mario

Mario: mumumia. help me out Icy

Master Icy: give it a rest key bearer

key bearer: but mario took my coin

Mario: "continues to get smacked by key bearer" but i cant give it back. its stuck in me

key bearer: I dont believe you. give it back

Master Icy: "gives mario a senzu bean"

Mario: "munch munch gulp" thanks icy. that guys is crazy

key bearer: well at least im not a gold swiper

Mario: fine leave me alone. mumumia what a day.

sora: *punches mario in the face*

mario: what was that for?

sora: you trampled on me a little while ago.

mario: oh sorry.

key bearer: see he is a menace to society

Master Icy: come on. we need mario

mario: im leaving

"mario jumps over the fence in the alleyway"

Master Icy: so anyway key bearer. we need some help. this is our friend sora. and he needs help finding his friends. right?

sora: yeah. how did you know?

Master Icy: i just figured. ok what do we do key bearer

key bearer: go to accessory shop and ask the new employee. he would know

Master Icy: ok guys lets go "grabs kairis and soras arms and they skip down the street"

Master Icy: were off to see the keeper the wonderfull store keeper of traverse town! *sings the wizard of oz toon*

sora: ok is this it?

Master Icy: this is it

"they go in"

lodan aha: hey Master Icy. like my new shop

Master Icy: hey lodan. i didnt know you knew how to work a shop

lodan aha: I dont. i need your help

"Master Icy gives lodan aha advice on what to do"

Lodan aha: i didnt see it that way. hmm well ok. can i come with you guys?

lodan aha: if i could only find someone to fill in for me

"oathkeepermaster comes in"

oath: hey guys.

lodan aha: hey will you watch the store for me oath?

oath: ok but only for 1000 moneys an hour

lodan aha: hell no. ill find someone else

Pipee: ill do it lodan

lodan aha: really? thanks pipee

Master Icy: ok lodan. listen up our friend sora here needs to find his friends. but where do we start looking?

lodan aha: we will look... hmm... lets try to.. no.. hmm...

sora: oh great were out of luck again. why dont we take some sort of flying machine to search across the sea

lodan: thats a good idea

Master Icy: ok but i dont have a ship.

lodan: we will have to steal one. from.. outer space

Master Icy: of course.

Master Icy: to new jersey!!

"they all go to new jersey and get to the aquateen hunger force base/house"

Frylock: who are you?

Master Icy: we need to contact alians.

Frylock: well my computer is hooked to my key board. and you can contact them that way.

Master Icy: great. ok lets go.

Master Icy: *plays the theme from star fox*

"the star fox team comes down from space"

meatwad: who are these guys?

master shake: they are here to get my hair worked on

frylock: you dont have any hair shake

master shake: well how would you know? you dont have hair.

Master Icy: its been fun guys i gotta do something now

"master icy throws all the members of star fox out and then jumps in there space ships. everyone else jumps in a different ship"

sora: this should be easy

Fox: hey!!! give us back our ships!!

falco: your an idiot you know that? i told you not to come down here but you did anyway.
this is all your falt fox

slippy toad: dont blame it on fox

fox: yeah im the leader

shake: no i am the leader. i am the master. master shake

falco: oh look a talking cup

meatwad: well hey its a bunch of giant animals. hows it going?

shake: hey if you give me 20 dollars i will send you back to your mother ship

falco: why are you all looking at me for?

falco: ok ok *gives shake 20 dollars*

shake: ok frylock give him the beam

Frylock: *shoots them with a ray*

shake: hurry the ray is opon you. state where you want to go

falco: to the mother ship


"sends them there but accidently kills them all in space because they couldnt breath"

"mean while sora and friends were looking for riku and kairi on the ocean"

oath: so what do we do now?

lodan aha: well we could just give up

Master Icy: no we cant. now lets see... oh look a road... hmm it looks like a high way almost

oath: let me test it to see if its stirdy "gets out of his car and stands there"

"a bunch of hover cars come flying at light speed at oath and oath gets hit by a hover car"

Master Icy: nooo oath!!

oath: get me off this thing!!!!!

"the car stops next to tem and oath goes flying because of the massive speed. and then the quick stop"

"captain falcon comes out of the car"

captain falcon: hey hows it going? im sorry i ramed into your friend
but you ow me 500000000 money because i lost the race because of you.

Master Icy: here let sora pay. were helping him after all

sora: oh thanks guys....... "pulls out the credit card" oh well im gonna be in dept some more.

Master Icy: ok well lets leave now

key bearer: have you seen some kids around here?

sora: yeah a boy with white hair and a girl with brown hair.

captain falcon: well i do remember seeing them about an hour ago being taken off by some bird

sora: oh great the sea gull. we better go after it

Master Icy: ok well... "jumps in ship"

"they all jump into their ship and eventually find the bird carrieing off riku and kairi"

Master Icy: there they are. shoot at the bird!!!

"Master Icy shoots at the bird but accidently destroys riku kairi and the bird"

sora: "holds hands up in air" NOOOOOOOO

Master Icy: whoops heheh. ok you dont ow me anything anymore.

oath: oh nice going Icy. you killed them.

Master Icy: heheh "rubs head" sorry

key bearer: too bad. anyway what do we do now?

sora: we might still be able to save them.... by bringing them back to life... using alchemy...

Master Icy: thats stupid. dudes have died doing that.

sora: im whilling to risk you dieing

Master Icy: me? no no no. your not sacrificing me

sora: you killed them so your taking the loss of your life

Master Icy: GO GO GO GUYS GO "oath Icy and key bearer. zoom away"

sora: what do i do now? i dont have any friends left... and im stuck here with no fuel......

"a hurrican picks sora up"

sora: where did this come from?

link: hey

sora: its you... link... what are you doing here?

link: well.. i saw your friends die. and i know how to bring them back. we gotta go to kingdom hearts. and find their lost hearts. and then we might be able to bring them back.

sora: ok but where is kingdom hearts?

link: its up your butt and around the corner.

sora: what????

link: im just messing with ya. its time to go...

"they get to kingdom hearts and end up fighting ansem"

ansem: submit to darkness!!!

link: take this!!! "link pulls out his light arrow and shoots ansem" nooo the light!!!

sora: wow!

"ansem becomes a good guy because he was hit by light"

ansem: so you need to find your friends?

sora: yeah we gotta revive them.

link: ok. lets get going to kingdom hearts

ansem: ok lets go. my power will take us there

" they get to kingdom hearts and revive riku and kairi"

"and they all go disco dancing in traverse town"

Master Icy: hey you got your friends back sora "dances to the music"

sora: yeah i did. its great

kairi: this is fun

riku: ill be outside

"pipee and Master Icy dance together"

"sora and kairi dance together with the heartless dancing disco style"


I could end it now. im letting the people decide if i should quit now or have something else happen... its your choice
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