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Organization Members Ranked From Best to Worst (Excluding Xion)

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Sep 19, 2011
In the great wide somewhere~
1. Roxas (Days was my first game, and I really felt connected to him)
2. Zexion (I'm just super interested by characters like him, the brainy, manipulative villains that take advantage of the weak spot. Plus he was pretty polite on his mission.)
3. Axel
4. Xigbar
5. Xemnas
6. Luxord (he was really easy to like during missions in Days.)
7. Demyx (his secret entry and bits of dialougue are funny, but he was soo unhelpful on missions with cutscenes, which sucks because in missions where he was just around and there was no talking, he was really useful)
8. Lexaeus (There's little there to love or hate for me, so I'm ambivalent on him.)
9. Saix (in a love-to-hate kinda way, but I'm interested in his past with Lea)
10. Xaldin
11. Larxene
12. Marluxia
13. Vexen


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Nov 3, 2008
Saix. As much as I like to gripe about the post-KH2 games, I one thing I did like is what they did with Saix. He went from being a character I just liked to my favorite Organization member. The manga might be influencing my opinion a bit here, but I really like him and his backstory with Lea. I really want to know more about him, his past with Lea and his agenda. How did they end up as Nobodies? I also think the contrast between his calm attitude outside of battle and berserker attitude is really cool.

Axel. The Organization member with the most development. I thought his story was tragic, and I love his personality and ruthlessness. He’s an asshole, but a compelling one.

Larxene. Loved her. Her voice actress in both English and Japanese did a fantastic job making her both cruel and playful. She was so fun to watch in Re:CoM; I think she benefitted a lot from the transition from GBA to PS2. I loved watching her interactions with the other Organization members.

Demyx. I loved his personality and laziness. The manga really helped expand on and improve his character, imo (his interactions with Kairi were fantastic). I just wish the games themselves did more with him. He’s a Nobody, but he clings to this idea that they have hearts. I feel like that would be a really interesting conflict, but he gets ignored in both KH2 and Days. Also, his water clones were great (they frustrated me like crazy when I first played the game though).

Xigbar. He’s such an asshole; it’s great. I love his dialogue, and his voice actor did a fantastic job. Even though he’s one of the Organization members that gets the most screen time, I still want to know more about him, especially in regards to his motivations.

Roxas. I was torn on where to put him on this list. If I only had KH2 to take into consideration he would have been closer to the top. But since Days exists, well, he’s here. I’m just going to say I prefer him in KH2 and move on.

Vexen. I really liked all the behind-the-scenes drama in CoM, and he’s part of the reason why. His interactions with the other Organization members were great, and I just liked his personality. He had one of the best death scenes, imo. His personality in BBS seems like such a departure from the person we see in CoM; it’s interesting.

Zexion. He’s really cool and mysterious, and I love his weapon. I want to know more about his past (the fact that he was the one to suggest to AtW that they build the laboratory to study the heartless is interesting to me especially considering he was only like 10 or something). I just wish he had more, uh, “grievances” with a certain Organization member in DDD.

Xaldin. I liked him in Beast’s Castle, and his boss fight was great (and frustrating!). I liked what I saw of his personality. I just wish we saw more of him.

Luxord. Criminally underused in the series.

Lexaeus. Would probably be higher if we got some insight into him. I’m interested in why he’s called a “Hero,” and I like his loyalty to Zexion, but we don’t see why that is.

Marluxia. His voice actor was fantastic, and I loved fighting him. His personality is just a bit…bland, to me. He (like many other Organization members) would have benefitted from more screen time during Days. I want to see what made him want to overtake the Organization.

Xemnas. Like Roxas, I was torn on where to put him. I find him to be much more interesting when the Terra aspects are more prominent and influence his actions (like looking for the rooms). But after DDD…I don’t even know what’s going on with him anymore. That game just made him go from interesting and compelling to boring and generic. I feel like his character had so much wasted potential. Before DDD he probably would have been somewhere in the middle/top. But now…ugh. Unless they do something really cool with him in KH3, he’s here. What a disappointment. Battling him is always fun though. He is my favorite boss fight in the series.
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Oct 28, 2006
United States
1. Roxas - one of my favorite KH characters and probably the most interesting of all the Org Members, in my opinion.

2. Axel - love everything about him. Great personality, weapons, boss fight, well-written, all around awesome character.

3. Xemnas - well-written character and also my most absolute favorite boss fight of all time. Gotta love Xemnas, man.

4. Marluxia - hard to put into words, but I just generally enjoy Marluxia's character. He was a great villain, has an awesome weapon, and he was always one of my favorite KH characters.

5. Xigbar - hilarious, well-written, cool boss, all around great character/villain.

6. Saix - it was close between Xigbar and Saix, but I find Xigbar to be a more interesting character, although Saix does an amazing job at being a dick and making you feel that sense of anger and drive to fight on in KH2.

7. Xaldin - loved him as a villain and thought the way he tried and mostly succeeded in manipulating Beast was very well done and believable. Also, awesome boss fight. Everyone seems to think he's insanely hard and yet I always beat him in one try, be it Proud or Critical, Story Mode or Data Battle. Dunno why.

8. Larxene - what a diddlying bitch, amirite? But that's what's great about her. She was like Erol from Jak & Daxter, Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings, or Joffrey from Game of Thrones. You hate them so much because they're slimy little asshats, but they're written like that on purpose and that's when you know they played their part well. Really tough but satisfying boss fights in CoM and KH2 as well

9. Vexen - similar to Larxene, I hated him and wanted him to die very much. And yet, when he does die, I felt bad for him given the nature of his demise. Given everything he did, you'd think he deserved it and yet you still feel sympathy for him. He was a creepy ass character and he played it well. Great boss fights too.

10. Lexaeus - though I love his personification of brute strength and his big 'ol tomahawk, I find him a very shallow and weak character overall. He doesn't really add much to the plot besides being a strong obstacle for Riku to beat. Besides that, he has almost no depth to him.

11. Zexion - taking the emo thing a little too far, Square. I feel like Zexion was a failed attempt at making a brooding, dark villain, kinda like an evil version of how Cloud acts in the KH universe. Except it isn't quite executed that well, and Zexion just seems kind of... odd. Don't particularly care for his CoM or KH2 incarnations, either.

12. Luxord - it felt like he was just 'there' a lot of the time. Wasn't developed much as a character and I felt like he was created just to fill a seat and be murdered by Sora. Throwaway character, which sucks because I actually like him and his boss fight, I just thought he was handled atrociously in KH2. He's a filler character, like I mentioned with Zexion and Lexaeus.

13. Demyx - very lame character in my opinion. He was probably written to be wimp on purpose, but I just found him whiny and annoying as a character and my God, his boss fight is the worst. How can such a cowardly whimpy person be such a pain in the ass boss? I call shenanigans, Square.

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Jul 1, 2013
New York
He's one of my most favorite characters in the series and one of the most realistic & relatable ones, at that.

It seems as though I've hopped on the bandwagon of favorite characters, but Axel is a character that resembles change through learning/accepting within the series.

We know that Saïx and Axel had a back story together, which makes me like him a lot more, but his loyalties to Xemnas in KHII make me wonder how he became so tied to their goal. He's an interesting fellow.

The coolest dog in the pack. He is annoying to fight in the game, but his impact in the story makes up for that. A supporter of Xehanort since the beginning, he messes with Sora and Roxas throughout their journey, bringing up Ventus constantly.

The king nobody, Xemnas is a character that should started out simply as Apprentice Xehanort's nobody, but since BBS and DDD, he's become more of a mystery to the characters. The idea that Xemnas may actually be Terra's nobody is a lot to interest a person.

Despite his youth, he knows a lot about the organization that some members couldn't even guess. He went out in CoM, but his importance to the series is still lingering.

Unlike Xigbar, he's the cool cat. I like Demyx because of his outgoing personality, something a most of the members don't have.

I like the overall appearance of Marluxia and his weapon. He doesn't really have any characterization, but was a tough diddlying boss to fight. I hope he makes an appearance in his true from at some point in the series.

I really like Laxaeus. I really enjoyed his role in CoM and how he went out in the series. I hope there's more to him in KHIII.

We don't know too much about him but he's alright. I hate him for manipulating Beast in KHII!

A big weeny. That's what he is. I guess he has some significance to CoM, but he has no appeal in the series. Even is ok, but Vexen isn't.

Ugh I hate her personality, but I can't say that she is a bad character. Though, her personality is all she has going for her, in my opinion.

Ew... Easy boss, easy character to dislike.


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Jul 19, 2015
Xemnas - Love his FM secret boss battle and his Final Form fight in KH2. When Nobodies were actually Nobodies and had no confirmation of hearts, I loved how he was the only one to ever act emotionless - Paul St. Peter does an amazing job voicing this character. I love his dramatic sweeping gestures and how even his laugh sounds void of anything. When he told Sora he unfortunately couldn't remember anything other than the emotions of hate, rage, ect. it honestly made me feel a little bad for him. It felt like his past life must have left him in a dark place - which I assumed came from Terra after playing BBS. His character has changed since DDD, but even then his boss battle was awesome, and thus I still like the character.

Roxas - I don't like Roxas as much as I like Sora, but I like him all the same. His boss fight in KH2FM is awesome, and I like how he always seems to be fighting for some respect: hates being kept in the dark, hates being treated like a pawn, ect.

Axel - While I've never cared for Lea, Axel was a boss in CoM. I loved his deviant nature and even liked his arc in KH2. As for Lea, I felt he got way to much importance added onto his character in DDD. Axel excelled in his role as a supporting character, and I would have enjoyed Lea much more if he had stuck to that role.

Marluxia - Pink is, without doubt, incredibly manly - even if his hair was brown in the original. Lord of the Castle, Scythe of Pedals, and Graceful Assassin are by far some of my most favorite pieces from Kingdom Hearts and I loved every stage of Marluxia's boss battle in ReCoM. He was a sophisticated and ambitious prick, and I was ok with that.

Xigbar - I don't know what to say about this character. He seems like a pretty interesting guy, but I don't know what the hell he's after, or if he's even after anything at all. He has to be, right? He's willingly - at least, that's what it seems like - been with Xehanort since the start, but has never given any clarity as to why. His quotes during his boss battle always make me smile, though: "Look what I saved for ya!", "I lost? ME?".

Sai'x - He's sort of like Xigbar for me. What exactly makes him act the way he does? What happened to make him so loyal to Xehanort, if he even is. Like Xigbar, he also has awesome boss battle quotes.

Luxord - The way he acts like he's always one step ahead of his opponent is something I've always liked. His reaction command at the end of his boss battle made Sora look like a badass, and I'm okay with that. Wish he would have had more screen time, though.

Vexen - Fighting his KH2FM variation with Stitch as my partner makes him by far one of the best battles in the game for me. If you haven't tried it, give it a shot. I also enjoy taking him on without any sleights in ReCoM. Other than his boss battles though, I never really cared for his character. He only served to boost Axel's awesomeness for me when was killed. Even seemed pretty cool, though. I like how he had enough insight to immediately tell what Ven was by just looking at him.

Demyx - I hated this boss until I remembered that Thunder was my friend. I liked his goofy nature, and how at the same time - once Sora pushed him to it - he had no trouble showing his emotionless side. "Silence, traitor," is oddly one of my favorite lines. But, despite my likes, he didn't really do much of anything.

Larxene - A total bitch. While I don't dislike that in a character, I wish she would have shown at least one other personality trait to me. Her boss battles were always fun and challenging though.

Xaldin - Never understood his infatuation for Beast. I say infatuation because his taunts and actions towards him seemed like personal vendettas. I may be thinking overthinking it and he may have just been trying to get his Heartless and Nobody, but still, he enjoyed it too much for my taste. It was almost like Beast represented something in his past for him, but most of the organization members don't have fleshed out back stories, so I can't really tell. Despite, he was the first and only boss to get me to summon King Mickey during my first play-through of the game. He also wields one of my favorite elements.

Lexeuas - The strong, silent type who apparently had morals... that he didn't have enough screen time to show. I did enjoy his battle in KH2FM.

Zexion - Didn't care too much for this character. I didn't hate him, but I didn't like him either.
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Oct 2, 2015
1.Vexen. 2.Xigbar. 3. Demyx. 4.Zexion 5. Luxord 6. Larxene 7. Xemnas 8. Lexaus. 9.Xaldin. 10. Marluxia. 11. Roxas. 12. Saix 13. Axel.

I can relate to Vexen. My school years were arduous, to say the least. Being a "nerdy know-it-all", most group projects were dumped on me. That wouldn't be so bad if my group was at least peaceable towards me. Alas, I am chubby, wear glasses, and gods forbid, I don't have name-brand clothes! Constant bullying and lack of basic respect really got to me. My outlook changed from, "Gotta keep myself in good standing." to "Why even try? Just get a passing grade." and finally, "I'm taking you imbeciles down with me! Muahahaha!" This is the natural degradation of a mindset under these kinds of conditions. Vexen told Sora of secret plans and undermined his oppressors. I made a bunch of jocks have to quit the team. Remember kids, bullying will come back to bite you. Also, Axel creeps me out.
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Nov 30, 2014
Larxene is my favorite, by far. She is a bitch, yes, but that is, IMO, what makes her special. I just love the way she acts...and stuff..


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Jul 29, 2012
Under Da Sea
I love them all too much to rate them above and below each other but I have a stand out top and bottom.

Xemnas at the top because his voice is so entrancing (like James Spader) and because of that sweet tan.

And I think we can all agree that Vexen is at the bottom and should have never existed. Vexen has that face that you just feel an impulse to punch, and his one lazy eye will forever haunt my dreams.

Lexaeus is an honorable mention for number 1 because he looks like he could bench tree fiddy and I like gingers. Also Luxord or Roxas as an honorable mention for the bottom since Vexen wins the creepy weird uncle award and Roxas acts like a toddler most of the time.


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Sep 6, 2015
1. Xigbar (Great personality, Braig acted a bit like a coward, but Xigbar was straight on point, wanted to fight and had lots of fun doing it.)
2. Axel (I don't think i have to explain that.)
3. Xemnas (Best KH Villan and probably one of my favorites at all.)
4. Xaldin (I'm not sure about that, I just really like him since the bossfight in every way.)
5. Roxas (Roxas is one of the charackters that nearly everyone can understand and I think he's really well made.)
6. Saix (Saix is doing his job, no matter what he has to do. But when he talks to Axel you can still see that theirs a human part in him that cares about his friend.)
7. Demyx (The german voce for demyx made him even funnier than he was anyway. I don't really like the english voice, but since I always have his german voice in my mind acting like a confused child, I really really like him.)
8. Vexen (He's doing his siencestuff with all his hea....well, he has fun doing it. He really loves what he's doing and act's like a cliched mad scientist what I actually like)
9. Larxene (Actually I hate her, but everytime I get the chance to fight her I'm on fire to beat her. She has a strong & bitchy charackter that really make me hate her, but that's the reason she can't be on the end of the list.)
10. Marluxia (His look. His weapon.)
11. Luxord (I like gambling charackters, but Luxord always felt like a placeholder without much of a personality.)
12. Zexion (I like him, but there's nothing special about that interests me.)
13. Lexaeus (He came, did nothing and died. His weapon was cool, tho.)

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Sep 27, 2015
1. Axel: What's this? An interesting character with personality, flair, and complex motivations? Wow! What? He's the embodiment of pandering now? Well now!
2. Roxas: What's this? A meaningful and interesting character followed by both internal and external conflicts? Wow! Huh? He's not ever explored, you say? ...Oh! Well!
3. Xaldin: The way he manipulated Beast was really great, and it was like his own personal pet project! I bet it plays into some tragic backstory about how he's a total cuck or something! What was that? He's an absolute nobody? That's not a waste at all!
4. Xemnas as of KHII: Abnormally biased because was so entertaining when he kept playing the same victim card over and over again, and it helps it was arguably Paul St. Peter's best performance.
5. Saix: He played the "dickish boss" role really well in Days, one of the few good things about it.
6. Luxord: His puns made his dialog less boring. That's pretty much it.
8. Zexion: Set up really well, completely wasted potential.
9. Larxene: Funny how the only woman in the organization is also total scum, and isn't even passive-aggressive about it.
10. Marluxia: Making him a man didn't work out, his voice acting was the definition of boring, etcetera.
11. Demyx: His weapon is a pretentious lute. He controls water. He suddenly lost all genki and became a heartless robot when Sora said he didn't have feelings.
12. Lexaeus: Even more boring than Marluxia, somehow.
14. Xemnas everywhere else: Way to make him less interesting than Ansem, SoD. Only Richard Epcar can cure me of such boring monotone.
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