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Step by Step

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Oct 13, 2008
Step by Step

Setting: On the phone
Characters: Audrey, Zack, Rachel
Genre: love, stupidness of stupidicity!
Point of view: Audrey

"Dude, dude, dude! I just made up this anime, and it's called THE RACHEL! AHAHHAHA!!" Rachel laughed. "AHAHAHAHA! Ya it's uhh... Very nice name! :D" I fake laughed.
"What's up with you these days? You're not crazy anymore! D:"

"Oh me? umm... it's just.. Stress. Ya, too much homework." I said nervously.

"OOO!! Ya... I understand.. But still, is there something wrong? I can help!"

"Naaahhh... It's ok, I'm fine."

"Hmmm... Okay! Hey by the way, you know Zack, right?"

"There's another 'right' you said there. That counts up to... let's see.... 158.... 159.... 160.. yup. You said 160 'right' Anyways... what? Zack.. Ya what about him?" I smiled.

"Don't you think he likes you? He's like.. stalking you!"

"No way.."

"No, I'm serious... You should tell him that. TELL HIM TELL HIM!!"

"Haha, no time to do that. I have to go to the beach this Saturday. I'm going with Amber and Ashely. Remember?"

"O ya..."

"You know what? I'll just go alone. Bye."

Kay! g-night!:]" Rachel hangs up.

Saturday morning...

Bring Bring
I picked up the phone, and I noticed that I heard a low voice instead of Rachel's voice calling me every morning.

"Hey.. uhh.. This is Zack. I heard your going to the beach today. I'm sorry if I called too late, I should've called yesterday night.. But things happen... So.. mind if I go with you? I can drive you there."

"Huh? Oh. How'd you get my phone number?"

"Oh, I just.. well ya..."


"It just said right there on my cell phone."

"Ya right..." sigh*

"So can I come with?"

"Ya sure, whatever."

(Too lazy to write more... Skipping to the beach!! ^^)

"So, You like to ride the waves?" Zack asked.

"Sure, but let's talk" I said naturally

"Umm okay! hehe..."
Yup.. It's obvious he likes me.. He likes me... He likes me... He smiled..

"Hey, you want to know something?"

"What?" I was waiting for what he really needed to say. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

"Hello??" I waved my hand in front of him. I looked behind us, and I saw that the waves stopped moving. What the heck was going on? I walked over to people, waving my hand in front of them. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. I kept on walking, and it seemed like it took miles to take just one step after I noticed everything was frozen. The waves was going on forever, and different people were still frozen. I finally gave up, and I fell down, because my feet were tired.

"What's wrong?" I asked myself. Then there was a flash. I coulnd't see anything! It felt like the sand was getting on me! I tried to crawl my way out, but I could barely move! Then, there was another flash, and another. There it goes again...

"Audrey? Audrey!!" I heard a voice.. Rachel?

"Audrey! You okay? I brought you some... uhhh this stuff!" I knew that was Zack. When I opened my eyes, I was still at the beach, with Zack AND Rachel. Why did she come here? She pulled out her hand. I tugged onto it so I can get up.

"Audrey! That was so weird! I was just about to say what I had to say to you, but all of a sudden, I saw you walking the other way, but you were'nt going anywhere! You were walking in one place! And you fell down, and you kept on going down, down, and whoa!!" Zack shouted.

"I'm sorry..." I said.

"What are you sorry for? That was FREAKY!" Rachel yelled.

"You were there?" I asked.

"Hehe.. Guess I'm not the only stalker here.... ^^" Rachel said laughing.


I know.. I hate those TO BE CONTINUED!! I'm just too lazy to write more!! XD I might not write the second part! If I don't just comment me if I don't write the second part later... XD


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Sep 17, 2007
Yeah, seems a little bit rushed, but good nonetheless.
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