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What would you do to make the serie more accessible to newcomers?



Active member
Feb 13, 2018
I'd make an introduction/ prologue to every game with a character who is not yet involved in the whole story shenanigans or doesnt have a keyblade yet. It could even be a flashback, like the kairi's training dayswith axel or Aqua's childhood with the keyblade, whatever.
Or... just like amnesic roxas in KH2.
As the story progresses you start to connect the dots about what will be this character's role in the overarching narrative, and when this prologue ends you get to travel to Disney Worlds normally. If it is a numbered title, you change to Sora at the end of the prologue.

I actually had this idea because Roxas in KH2's was perfect for me as a newcomer (kh2 was my first game), but Roxas was just as confused as I was so I still was having a lot of fun following through the story.