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Fanfiction ► When Dreams Come to an End

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GoD's One and Only
Sep 29, 2005
Kissing Him under the stars
One year later in Washington DC

“Our agency in Korea has been shut down because of a break in and it would be an irresponsible move if we didn’t do so. We know the ones who have been convicted for this crime but….” The spokesman stopped mid-sentence and looked down at his neatly piled papers.
“But what, Mr.Proctor?” The woman who was the head of the council asked with a glare upon her face.
“The two suspects have disappeared. We have searched everywhere and one of them… is our… experiment.”
“What do you mean? One of our experiments has been set free? Do you mean sector K114… the Kasqura experiment?” The woman asked in a harsh tone and set her pen above the folder that sat on the table.
Silence filled the room but it was broken by the Mr.Proctor shuffling through the pile of papers, nervously. Fear could be seen in his eyes as he looked up at the council and bowed his head slightly out of respect. This mistake could ruin sector K114 and then thousands upon thousands people would be out of jobs. The spokesman became even more nervous as he began to click his pen and try to come up with the words on how to explain this mishap.
“Well, she wasn’t set free… she escaped along with the other person. He was actually there to retrieve the experiment and the worse thing is that we had no warning. Our head scientist was killed by this imposter, Dr.Sinpter as the company knows him. I…” He was trying to defend the section that he had worked in for seven years but the head of the council cut him off short.
“Was the experiment’s mind erased?” She asked, writing on a piece of paper and glanced up at him, tentatively.
“Dr. Sinpter wasn’t able to successfully finish the process. She, the experiment, didn’t respond to the brainwash story… the medicine was in her but the information from the computer never took over her memories.” He explained to the irritable council woman and glanced down at his cell phone as the light flicked on with a message.
“Mr. Proctors, I am holding responsible for the catastrophe and you are going to find these two people if it takes the rest of your life! I will send a few of my men to help and that is all I am being considerate with. You have six months to at least track them down so get started. If anything is to go wrong, I will take care of it personally and I cannot promise you that your life will be safe.” She stated, tapping the pile of papers on the table not even taking her eyes off of him.
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