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Who Wants to Fight?

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Jan 10, 2005
Yeah, while I'm currently pariticpating from a battle from the KHI tournament, which I didn't expect I'd get that far, due to the fact that many really experienced RPers dropped out.

Anyways, the point is that I want to RP battle someone if possible.

1. No Godmodding.
2. No Powerplaying.
3. All RP Battle Rules Apply.
4. All abilities must be listed in template.
5. Two or more paragraphs.

Basically, I go with the majority of Rena-Chan's rules.


Will post my template after someone joins in battle.

Chaotic Dreams

Returning Once Again...
Aug 5, 2005
I will gladly take up this challenge. Although, I don't care about this points system.

-Bio Soon!-


Jan 10, 2005
Name: Mageon Cedron (A different version from the Journey to the East. This Mageon's his Omniverse version)

Age: 19

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Mageon is very tall for his age, and pretty much, has always been. He's always looked about 2 years older than his normal age. He has messy tangled long brown hair that reached up to his neck, sometimes he puts it up in a pony tail. His hair is covered by a silk blue bandana. In the sun, his eyes have a hazel-brownish tone to them, but when dark falls his eyes turn into a dull gray. Mageon wears a blue vest with a black shirt inside of it. He wears some sort of blue elbow cloths, for no particular reason.

He wears some black and blue wristbands, and two black and blue fingerless gloves. Mageon wears dark blue denim jeans, and has a small pocket for his sword's sheath to go through. He wears black shoes, no specific company, as they were made for him by a shoemaker in one of his towns suggesting that these shoes did not wear out and were good for battle.

Personality: Mageon tends to be talkative, and quite childish whenever he's talking. In battle, it's like his whole persona changes from childish to seriousness.

Gold Sword - This gold sword is sealed with his deceased brother Kalibrus. The sword is light heavyweight, and can change size at will, and convenience. The sword is gifted with spirit energy which can be relased at the form of blasts, etc.

Silver Bankai (Gatteyou) - As Mageon traveled into the Soul Society, he was given this sword, and called it the Silver Bankai, a compliment to the sword, as it is not yet capable of Bankai yet. It is able to use it's own attack, with the range of fire and ice attack, limited to that only, though.

Bronze Reverse Sword - When Mageon traveled into Japan in the past, he met a warrior named Kenshin Himura who knew a swordsmith. That swordsmith had upgraded Mageon's Bronze Sword, into a Bronze Reverse Sword. Himura taught Mageon how to hurt with this sword, as normally, it could not kill.


Gold Sword
Typhoon Blast: Typhoon Blast is formed into a circular shape with an image of a typhoon inside of it. This is Mageon's favorite move, and his number one staple of a move.

Typhoon Fire: Typhoon Fire is formed into fire, an indefinite shape. It will strike the opponent, and they will feel the burn of a real fire, but this cannot set grass or even trees on fire.

Spirit Clone: Mageon's second favorite move. This move will make real clones of Mageons, not fake ones that dissapear like the Kage Bunshin clones. They will feel pain, and Mageon can switch places with any of the clones.

Yoru: Will change the size of the sword, of the user's will.

Fast Lis: Mageon goes into hyper fast speed, this will easily and quickly take up alot of Mageon's energy. He uses this mostly in a desparate need.

Last Resort: Mageon wastes all of his energy in a really desparate situation, and he will go hell on whoever he's fighting. He cannot control his actions in this state, rather, the rest of his energy takes control of his body.

Silver Bankai (Gatteyou)

Ice Beam: Will freeze the opponent temporarily if hit, for about 30 seconds.

Typhoon Fire: Read the previous entry about Typhoon Fire.

Yoru: Changes size at the will of user.

Bronze Reverse Sword

Cut: Cannot actually kill a person, can only hurt them.

Regular Skills
Fast Running
Jump Really High


Mageon was born as a peasant whose both parents were slaughtered after begging for money from a pompous king. His brother, Kalibrus, was killed too, but to guide Mageon on through life, Kalibrus encrusted his soul within Mageon's hand, making a tatoo-looking mark, with the drawing of blue dragon. Mageon had not been killed, as he was spared by the king, due to the fact that he was very young. Kalibrus, on the otherhand, was already in his 20s. The King than gave a choice to Mageon, become an exile from the place and be sent off to a relative, or be killed. Mageon chose the first choice, and was sent off to a nice village, not ruled by anarchy, to his uncle.

His uncle taught him the gist of swords. Mageon was very good using a wooden sword. After mastering the wooden sword, his uncle told him he was ready. He had practiced for about 10 years. He was sent off to a swordsmith, that would make Mageon's sword. The swordsmith saw exceptional talent in Mageon and would give him, the cursed sword. The sword was called the Gold Sword. It was Gold, and would attract warriors, but upon receival ,they would die. Mageon accepted the consequences, and was received the Gold Sword. Kalibrus, his deceased brother, talked to him that very day, to extract his spirit into the sword, because if he didn't that day, Mageon would actually die. Mageon didn't know how to extract a spirit into the sword, so he went to a so-called psychic to transfer the spirit of Kalibrus onto the sword. The psychic extracted the bad demon within the sword, and transfered the spirit of Kalibrus, the form of a tattoo, into the sword. The demon was running wild, and Mageon eventually slaughtered it.

Mageon went to the swordsmith, who was surprised Mageon wasn't dead, and decided to teach Mageon a powerful trick, that only the swordsmith's clan was able to know about. Mageon learned the trick, and it was called the Typhoon Blast, a move that Mageon uses a lot. His swordsmith decided to go in a one on one battle with Mageon to the death. Mageon was worried, and decided to battle the swordsmith. Mageon had won the battle, with his leg nearly chopped if the sword had struck hard once more. He had killed the swordsmith, and was almost killed. He was taken to the hospital where his leg was repaired.

He, then, sought off to a new world leaving his uncle behind. Mageon this time, was already 15. A member from the Organization XIII, Marluxia, saw exceptional talent within Mageon. He was brought in, not as a member, rather as an apprentice or an intern. 2 years later, is the biggest impact that had happened to him. He met someone by the name of Desdemon, who he freed from the Organization XIII. With her help, he met a legend throughout the Omniverse. His name was A.J.

He would go on A.J.'s adventure, in which he fought a powerful machine. After the adventure was over, Mageon unfortunately, had to move on with life, and was depressed. He eventually got over it, after travelling throughout the Omniverse himself, and gaining new skills, and weapons. Who knows what else is in store for Mageon?
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