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  • You're mean! A battle that involves Mi-sama got started while I was off...

    Just in case you don't know already, this is umazak/Bleeding Soul.
    I'd love to battle sometime. A Jett v. Methuselah battle would be a great time. I'm a little busy right now, but I'll let you know when I've got some free time, and we can duel it out.
    Jezza is currently away. On some trip or something. He'll be back before long, but I personally like for others to post before me, just cause I know how annoying it is to read through a million posts.
    I've been gone for two weeks. No internet and such. I'm slowly sinking back in here. I'll try to get to our battle before I head off to bed.
    Hey, you and me are up for the last battle in the RP Rank Tournament. We need to set up the battle to determine first and second place respectively. Thing is, I'm leaving on the 11th, and will not have internet access til the 21st. Do you want to start the battle after that, on the 21st? We can have it wrapped up by mid August hopefully, and have the full Rank List set by the end of summer.

    Just need your thoughts
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