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  • I'm only about a quarter of the way through your recent post, but already I can feel the tactical tension building in it. Absolutely loving it.
    Much obliged for the convenient power-playing.
    I was meaning to reply to your PM, but it just slipped my mind after it was marked "read".

    I'll have that next post sometime this weekend -- now that I'll actually have some free time.

    I'd be even more grateful if you could make a small edit to Ordeith's appearance (which is my fault for not explicitly stating it): Instead of an older man attempting to appear young, he's a younger man who (as himself) looks older due to boredom and depression.
    Sorry for all the revision that's being required. Fortunately your post will let me close off the current Academy Attack/Blackest Night subplot and let us move on~
    Oh, my idea was that you'd blow the bridge as the ambulance is crossing on its way into RP town, such that the heroes are forced to let BN die in front of them pretty much...
    Although myself, Omni and Mistearea have pushed things forward just a little, I'm making sure things stay open for your post concerning the bridge, since it is an important point in the plot.
    I was about to make a filler post to more easily set up (more like more forcefully prompt you into) things regarding the bridge, but then I realised it would be a double post. Just a quick inquiry if you're able to make that post soon or if it will come later?
    Oh dear, I do so hope something doesn't interrupt the ambulance on its way across the highway-bridges, and by extension perhaps cut off the Creative Isle from the rest of KHI.
    Haha, I love you. This just lets me further implicate you, at least in an out-of-character fashion. At least it draws Morpheaus more into the story, too.
    Oh, don't worry about that. I just wanted to be certain that I could take a few liberties in fighting the Behemoth.
    Just to confirm -- do I have your permission for the Black Knight to engage the Behemoth? Given the circumstances, I doubt he can inflict any major damage at this point, but I just wanted to be doubly-sure.
    So very glad you liked it. By the way, while it might seem likely that Dante was a puppet of the Realists, there's nothing to say he was. He's more or less up for grabs, so if you want to 'claim' him, you can, otherwise you can leave him up for grabs.
    Fuck, I absolutely love the power you've given Eman. I knew you'd go with something to do with belief, but didn't expect something so potentially dangerous.
    Personality, History, perfect and dynamic but Theosurgen is the most creative role I've seen yet.
    They'd have to start with them because naturally any lingering tools are written into their templates. If you have any ideas for 'atmosphere' like it the air being unbelievably humid/dry/arid that'd be an awesome surprise.
    (from that, it makes it feel like planet Mercury in the morning, but with some sunlight)
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