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Upgrading Abilities + Guilt 101

Welcome! If you're reading this, you are ready to begin strengthening your medals' abilities in KINGDOM HEARTS Unchained X! It's a very easy process with much reward, so we will walk you step-by-step through this process.

Upgrading abilities is accomplished by fusing medals together and filling in the empty dots that accompany each 3★~6★ medal. 

If you'd prefer a short explanation, here is a basic image version:

Click to enlarge! 

Before we get started, there are some things to address first. While upgrading abilities is fairly straightforward, as you play through Unchained X, you will be able to upgrade your abilities even further with the addition of Guilt. But what is Guilt?

Q. What is Guilt?
A. Guilt was originally introduced in Kingdom Hearts X[chi] as "the sins of the Heartless" and acts as a power bonus for your medals' abilities.

Q. What do I need to obtain Guilt?
A. Players are able to obtain Guilt upon obtaining the Power Bangle from Chirithy (Quest 35)

Q. Are there any differences for obtaining Guilt in X[chi] and Unchained?
A. In X[chi], players are given a randomized list of Heartless to defeat in a period of several weeks. Each Heartless on this list offers a certain quantity of Guilt depending on their level of difficulty; the more powerful they are, the more Guilt they can give. When each period expires, both the list and Guilt bonus are reset.

In Unchained, Guilt is tied directly to each individual medal, and has no expiration. Guilt is acquired by boosting a medal's ability multiplier, either by fusing identical medals together or by using special upgrading medals. 

Q. How much Guilt can I get on each medal?
Guilt is dependent on the medal rarity and random number generator (RNG). You can determine the possible Guilt bonus by looking at the symbol. 

In this guide, we will give you a step-by-step walkthrough for upgrading your medals' abilities and acquiring Guilt in Unchained. 

*Rank upgrade medals can be acquired from the daily event quest on Fridays JST / Friday~Sunday NA.
**Good Fairy medals can be acquired from the daily event quest on Tuesday JST (Power), Wednesday (Magic), and Thursday JST (Speed)

For the sake of this tutorial, we will be starting with completely blank 1 medals, and you will need 7 of them in total.

Step 1: Upgrade your medals from 1★ to 3★. A medal needs to be at 3★ minimum before it can begin boosting abilities.

To upgrade 1~2★, you will need [1 x Cheshire Cat + 3,000 munny]*
To upgrade 2~3★, you will need [2 x Merlin + 8,000 munny]*


Step 2: Now you will have 6 x 3★ medals! You will notice that they have an empty slot next to their ability multiplier. This is where we start working, so go ahead and fuse 1 of your medals with another. You will know you've done it correctly if the slot fills with a yellow light.

Repeat this two more times. You will end up with a total of 3 x 3★ medals with a filled ability slot, and 1 x 3★ medal without.


Step 4: Upgrade your medals from 3★ to 5★.

To upgrade 3~4★, you will need [3 x Fairy Godmother + 15,000 Munny]*
To upgrade 4~5★, you will need [2 x Yen Sid + 2 x 4★ Good Fairy + 40,000 Munny]**


Step 5: At this point, you will have 4 x 5★ medals, 3 of which will have one filled ability slot. Fuse 1 of these medals with another to get 1 x 5★ medal with three filled ability slots. 

Fuse the remaining two medals together. You will end up with 2 x 5★ medals, one with 3 slots filled and one with 2 slots filled.



Step 6: Upgrade your two medals from 5~6★. You will need [3 x Fantasia Mickey + 2 x 5★ Good Fairy + 80,000 Munny]*

Once your medal reaches 6★, you will see a little Guilt symbol next to the multiplier. If you don't see it, please continue playing the story until you get the Power Bangle at Quest 350 (JP) or Quest 200 (NA).

Step 7: This is the final step! Fuse your two 6★ medals together. If you've done everything right, you will see the symbol flash on and off, and then your medal will have Guilt!


As shown in the gauge at the top of the page, you can see that the medal in our tutorial has the smallest Guilt symbol, and can only achieve a maximum of 25% Guilt bonus.

If you are unsatisfied with the amount of Guilt you obtained on a medal, you can fuse it with an identical medal to try and get a higher bonus.
You can also substitute the identical medal with a Mickey & Brooms medal, a special upgrade medal that can be used to fill an ability slot on a medal of any rank.


Though the bonus is completely random, it is impossible for you to get a lower percentage than what you already have. However, there will be times where your bonus remains unchanged, so just keep at it!

Best of luck to your Guilt endeavors!

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