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  • cause of how long just one DVD of DB takes to watch, each disc has like 7 episodes and i have the entire show.

    really!? whats his hero alias? :O
    tomorrow is my last day to and all i can do is either enjoy my DB shows or Kh, havent decided on which yet.

    :D is he that cool?
    me to, i wish my days off didnt fly by! i already have no life the least time could do is slow time down -_-
    wooo! wait is that good?
    D: b-but they're dead people!

    what a coincidence im for the next 2 days xD .....tho have nothing to do to enjoy it.
    pfft i cant believe you thought i'd read an article for an argument i dont care bout >XD haha

    ha -_- the last thing i have is pride. i cant afford anything honestly ;~;

    :D is he a fun uncle?
    o,o you work!?
    and the Christians themselves contridict your entire paragraph the Bible may refer to God as many things but i've only ever heard a Christian refer to God as "he". tho like any religious argument one thing will always contradict the other.

    xD aint worth the trouble.

    so nothing fun at all?
    technically God is a god therefore we lowly humans no not what he/she/that being really is or what its like xD so even your sentence is invalid.
    alex who?

    pfft lazy ass.

    *u* how are you today?
    xD im amazed how seriously you take this. also the christians think of their God as a he.

    GOOGLE it!

    also hi *v*
    a handful in the mass of billions means nothing, in the end you become some cults wooden totem pole.

    so you prefer to be the kubo of khi?
    I think when it comes to politics, when you get into a position of power, it's not even just about maintaining that power: it's about expanding it. Whether you're the President or just a governor, you want to go higher and give yourself more sway. And then it gets even worse when you're forced to leave office and you do everything you can before you have to leave. I don't quite understand why the United States is heading in the direction it is, at the moment, but I don't think it's the way to handle the situation. It's only going to turn the government more against the people, in the end.

    Teehee. Well, technically, there's already a "The Batman" member on the forum.

    but on the upside, i'm a super mod
    tsk tsk even the gods are eventually forgotten and vanish~

    okay then think of it like this if someone actually thinks its a plus compared to your current personality maybe its worth a try xD
    Just wanted to say that I couldn't agree more. I don't quite know if Takuya has the same definition of "elite" as others, though.
    it isnt bout trust~ its bout the logic your ego seems to live by, its only natural that one day it will fail you and if it hasnt before that 1st one will be a very bad fail. ego's are made to be shattered~

    thats true, i was using as an example.
    you should let the inner hipster out i say, it seems so much cooler than the dominant you~
    that dont mean it wont xD

    the fact your resorting to yugioh puns means i've won thank you and good bye~ -leaves this topic-

    that flaunting is just as pathetic as the ones i see from the people here everyday~ know what they means? you've officially fallen to their level good job cause its a long fall.

    thats what Saix did and he's right honestly all "she" is is a puppet/replica more of an "it" who's appearance depends on memories, tho at one point everyone seemed to see her 'basic' face most the time cept Saix.
    oh but i can~ why you wonder? simple Vanitas is awesome and my inner emo is something i would like to shoot with a fork.
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