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  • counting weekends i have about 3 weeks. get off on the 15th would have got out earlier if not for the snow days in PA.
    no i'm a sophmore. highschool is going way to fast...soon college...then paying bills....NOOOOOOO!
    well there is a thread about the problem and its reasons but i havent checked it in a while
    i dont get it either
    its been like this for a few weeks now and i dont know if they are any closer to fixing it
    strict parents...mostly mom though. the b's outweighted the a's. i know she's only doing it cause she cares though.
    it isn't working at all
    i dont know how close they are to fixing this problem but it is seriously annoying
    well i'm gonna give it a try by posting it up little by little to see if that works
    Yeah Summer Vacation soon! Can't use the computer for awhile cause i got to bring my grades up.
    for some odd reason the thread wont allow me to post the new chapter and i cant start a new thread for it either
    its just takes me to an error 404 page whenever i post something
    sorry for not having up a chapter in a while
    i'm not getting rid of everything though keeping the soul and stuff just changing it around a bit. i think it would be better having one big world instead of many, and there are no disney characters, so it'll be more serious. and now i can make the enemies have more sense and not hold back on killing people and having people live in fear.
    well all stories have similarities you can't make a story no one's thought of or has made. bleach and kh have there similarities and so does final fantasy. i won't make my story a fanfiction .
    well now instead of many worlds its one big planet known as terra and i might make a goddess who created the world and light itself what you think so far?
    i decided not to start my story now andillexe. too many people are telling me my story if i wrote it would be considered a fan fiction and i don't want that so i'll start it over,
    a soul awakening can also be used with enough skill by a strong person to connect there soul's to there loved ones. if someone is really far there soul's could be connected in there "soul awakening" you understand what i'm saying?
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