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  • Yeah that one in Agrabah, lol I don't know what it was. UGH DARK RIKU IS SO ANNOYING EVEN IN CoM *vents*

    haha I personally would rather have this awesome orange color ;D
    Back to the challenging bosses xD man I just loved the scorpion, phantom, and titan battles so much

    haha pretty much. and she still got to get a hot pink username :\
    so I've heard, looks like it'll be a fun battle though ;D

    haha not really. she joined then quit because she said school was too much :\
    lol yeah he was hard enough in the english ver.

    haha there used to be people who joined and then retired A WEEK LATER :|

    haha I don't think I could ever play it in japanese

    ah that's for when I retire ;D
    If not the only one xD AngelofDenstiny got a name change too. I'M STILL AN ANGEL ON THE INSIDE D:

    haha I can totally see myself doing that too, my kids are going to be pissed off with me

    haha the only downfall of having a cool orange username
    So unique that everyone else wants to do it xD

    haha yeah to bad none of us are rich. We could even have families by then o:

    man once the NA release rolls around I'll have a LOT of moding to do in the KH section :x
    haha I'll never understand it

    Yeah it's usually like that with the new games, we just need one big enough to bring everyone back together *cough*KH3*cough* (although we'll all probably been grown by that time xD). Yeah it was kind of all of our dreams, frono made it first though lol.

    Yeah a lot of people just kind of gave up on it. But you better believe anytime a new game rolls around they'll be here lol. Me, I just went back to my roots, Jaxvex xD just thought I'd spice it up a little
    lol yeah pretty much

    I have as well, believe it or not. I joined site staff so I could become a little more involved with the all the news updates on BBS

    yeah I miss everyone too, it's either they aren't online anymore or they get name changes and I don't know who they are anymore :\
    lol yeah there was a huge fad back then

    too long my friend. I pratically never seen anyone on anymore xD
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