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  • alright, this is in response to your question about the brawl Signatures...you click on the level up card thing underneath the card and it will bring you to a site where you can make it.
    Closing threads is a treat for me; I really do enjoy it. But, with the complaints we've had in the past I've been closing threads unless it was absolutely necessary. General discussion is welcome, so I'll just let that thread ride for now.
    yes....in riku's mode when you fight with a boss try to use the card duel.....in the final battle it works a lot
    no reason to be ashamed.... i do that all the time.... when i had to defeat sephiroth in kh1 a looked it all over the net and ive watch a lot of vids...... and finaly i kill him!!
    I did, but if it were another situation where I had no idea where the location of the thread you reported to me is then I'd need a link; I'm not omnipresent. Either way, problem solved.
    Done, and next time please provide a link, I hate having to hunt these threads down.
    Next time you want a thread closed ask a moderator to do it, don't expect someone to walk in magically and get the job done. It doesn't work that way.
    okey...mmm i use the same strategy for axel and marluxia and its works.....axel could be a problem coz he desapear but as i say i kill him.... ahh another thing....the last marluxia (the one with the large nobody-machine) DO NOT use sleights... its very easy if you have some 0 cards and some cure cards.....(the 0 cards are to stop the sleights omni-laser)...
    Hehe, I did a College Prep track during high school, but it was just a public school. A good one, but a public one, nonetheless. We didn't have projects over the break because we were on a block schedule. We only had a class for a semeseter and then we went to a different class. So, the class would end at winter break, and then we went to different classes when school started back up.
    Eh, not really. Freshman year was incredibly easy. The only year that I got straight A's, too. I start school tomorrow, too, so I guess I'll be feeling your pain to some extent soon enough.
    Ah, okay. I'm up to Destiny Islands. Had a bit of trouble beating Vexen, but he's not too hard after you fight him 6 times.
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