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  • oh ok

    green and yellow match in africa because it is on the african flag :)

    ps: I cant stop listening to that song >_<
    None of them are probably virgins

    I really want to thank all the girls for letting us fluff them now :)
    Oh my gosh I love love loved it!!! It was soooo wonderful!! I my favorite song was when they were both singing on the boat! ^_^ SO CUTE! and I can't pin point my favorite scene! There were so many!!! I loved Max too, and Pascal! Everything about it was so great! What were your favorite parts?
    Bah! Tangled was so amazing!! I loved it!!! I laughed and cried and just had an overall wonderful time watching it! So great!
    Forget about her. D:< tbh being that young and driving without permission seems sort of stupid. Im not trying to disrespect anyone of yours. But shit happens, and your friend didnt know whats gonna happen that night, and its one mistake, but a big one tho too. But I bet your friend who died didnt want people to be mad at the driver, just probably didnt want people to be mad at anyone. and I am sorry for your lost D: and it is okay to tell people whats on your mind, and if you did say something bad about the driver, and it was truely how you felt, than let people know even if you get haters. and Im still so sorry, I'd give a hug if I could a big one, D:, and a stuff animal cause they are always fun to snuggle with :3
    Haha lucky. I'm trying to think really hard and I'm pretty sure most of their eye colors are blue, blue, brown, green, hazel, blue, brown, brown, blue, blue..... and more blue... lol
    Just asked my other room mate her eye color... it's green lol
    Oh, I saw that on facebook. :( I'm really sorry about your friend.

    That sucks too. Things will get better, though.
    Oh haha that's interesting. I should move there :D jk jk
    Where I'm from I think the rarest eye color you'll find is green but I think that's pretty normal everywhere. I'm trying to think of most of my friends' eye colors but I'm starting to realize that I'm defintely not that observant XD
    Well that's great then! :D Yeah, he is, so he might! :D If not, he'll probably get me things he knows I like/want! XD

    Awesome! Oh cool! I think the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is in Islands of Adventure though. XD I'm dying to go there so bad! I'm a Harry Potter fan, huge so it's been my dream! I must find a way to convince my family to go with me, my brother's convinced that he wants to go--so that's a possibly a good thing. :D If you do go to Disney World, would it be your first visit or not?
    Brown eyes are far from boring!!! Brown eyes are so pretty and mysterious! An ex of mine had the prettiest brown eyes ever! I felt like I could melt in his eyes because they looked so chocolate-y good haha.
    Sorry I probably sound weird but eh that's me ^_^
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