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  • *teleports behind you and uses Ragnarok* >:3 (I'll be back later, my DS needs to charge. :/)
    *uses aerial recovery, then leaps away* Very nice. You must also learn to take a hit. *closes eyes, then uses Zantetsuken on you, then follows with a few normal slashes and ends with strike raid*
    *uses Protega with lightning speed, bouncing your blade away* *I leap over you and slash at you, then dodge rolls away and prepares for your next attack* You need to be more than just strong. Speed and cunning are also needed, as well as belief in yourself. Now, come at me again. Remember, the strongest attacks aren't always the best.
    I'm sure Roxie will like it. xD It looks tasty. *A* OK, let's fight! Close quarters training is today! >:) *gets in battle stance*
    *materializes in a shower of silver* Let's begin. *draws my Keyblade, Crystal Heart, which is clear-colored and beautiful, but deadly due to it's glass-like sharp edges*
    lol cool man I will add you when I wake up tomorrow or sometime in the afternoon when I'm open al lday.
    I will add you in the morning tomorrow I'm actually really tired right now and probably going to go to bed soon, I had a long day lol, but tomorrow we are just at sea for the next day and half, so I should have more time to do things, and I should be able to race you on MK7 sometime in the afternoon if you are still down for it.
    I was talking about my singing lol, but hey I revived the old Mario Kart thread, so we can talk in there if you want.
    aww thank yoiu heh, if you ever wanna hear a song just let me know but they are pretty terrible heh.
    hehah you are so funny heh, thank you I was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, and well I've been doing small projects to keep my mind off of it. I make music (Even though I'm a terrible singer) on youtube. I read tons of books, and draw whatever comes to mind and try and make a short cartoon.
    We have so much in common, I guess it was destiny to meet :) besides outside of the internet world I don't have any friends to really hang with or chat with, I usually sit at home doing nothing because I can't do anything, but this cruise so far as taught me so much, like to just enjoy life until it ends and smile it makes it easier on your family when you smile.
    It's really all good man I lost my dad when I was 15 years old from a disease, my mom isn't doing to well either, and my brother and sister are in there own world so I accept that if it's my time I'll just give in, better to let the suffering end from my friends and family and be with my dad. Besides I got to play my favorite game of all time with a friend, and that to me means so much.
    Don't be sorry my life has never been a happy one but I'll be ok I accept my death, atleast I'll get to see my family have fun and thats why I'm on this cruise ship for 2 months. some people think I'm just pretending ot be happy but I am happy. I knew I would never have sex or truly find someone so I accept it.
    I have cancer man, I'll be lucky to be alive for another year, it's all good though nothing you can do you know? Atleast I'll get to enjoy my final days :D
    Yeah I only have a few years to live, so it's all good might as well as enjoy till I die.
    Hey man! good news I do have my 3DS XL with me, but my friends deleted my save, so I have to start over. If you wanna race tomorrow? and about before I can't get relationship anyways so don't worry.
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