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  • Ah, you're in the dreaded final exam week? I understand.
    We can chat about RPs after your school year has been squared away.
    Just out of curiosity, would you be interested in this little experiment of mine? I have no idea whether this canon will succeed as a roleplay or not, but all the relevant information has been supplied.
    It's fine! I understand that real life is more important than the internet. Take your time, I guess.
    I certainly hope it pushes the Creative Corner in that direction, even a little bit.

    Because of time constraints, I think the best time for this project to be executed is this coming summer (presuming you live in the Western Hemisphere). Feelers will be sent out several weeks in advance, and I'll be sure to notify you when preparations are under way.
    The "inner circle" image is one that we're always trying to be rid of; it deters talented folks like yourself from participating as strongly in the Roleplaying section.
    I've sent the entirety of the main conversation to you, numbered for chronological viewing.
    Do send your comments, suggestions, etc.
    I attempted to send the first message, from OmniChaos, as a test. Did you receive it?
    That's what I was doing, initially--but I keep receiving 404 errors as a result of the proxy.
    Perhaps it would be best for me to just send a self-written summary to you.
    Unfortunately, this safe proxy site is making any PM work difficult...
    I'm afraid that it will need to wait, at least for a little while.
    Ah, yes! A compilation from each PM would be more coherent and concise--as opposed to a giant dump of messages.

    Give me a moment...
    We'll be chatting like Rupert and Hupert in no time!

    Not a problem; I just need to finish a few late roleplay posts...
    This safe proxy isn't making it any easier. Oh, how I wish they'd fix the firewall...
    Oh, I know how you feel--believe me...
    We have OmniChaos on our side, though. If anyone can drag a roleplay from the grave, he can.

    Talks have faded down, but the project is still going ahead, to my knowledge. At this point, we've decided that a loose approach is better: Each section/group will operate semi-independently, with several "mains" guiding the project from above. I can forward some of the PMs to you, if you'd like. (It would have to be later, though--so be sure to remind me.)

    Well, it's nice to stand on a first-name basis, Jon.
    My name is Joseph--called Joey by most everyone, even official documents.
    Well, the problem is that Morpheaus isn't around to post; I don't want to move the Nether-Hollow side of things too far along, and leave the Fae behind...

    ...At the same time, however, that leaves us with little to do (if anything at all).
    That would be more useful if I knew your timezone...

    For future reference, I'm in Eastern time, so it's 5:40 while I'm writing this.
    I... forgot.


    I'm sorry! T_T

    But! Butbutbut! I shall set an alarm to remind me tomorrow! There shall be no escape! I shall pester and be pestered in return! LONG LIVE THE CHUM!
    Fantastic! You're a good man to have on board, Athel.
    The idea is already being discussed and debated; I'll keep you informed on the direction of the project.
    Lately I've had enough papers and speeches to smother a person—so I understand perfectly.
    Take your time; with Morpheaus still away, there isn't much of a rush.
    LONG long time no talk :) What's up? How have you been?
    I hope you even remember me! x)
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