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  • That guy may be an excellent planner and very manipulative, but he sure makes a lot of enemies. That's gonna be his downfall.
    Actually, your not wrong. Yesterday, I didn't plan on coming back on. If it had been any other day, I probably would have come back online, in a few short hours. it just depends, really, on what I feel like doing that day :)

    Glad to hear that your doing okay, but I'm sorry to hear that, is it a really complicated problem that needs fixing?

    Because its unexpected to get five of them, within a week and a half. It's not so much as funny, but surprising really. I'm overjoyed that so many would like to be my friend, but it's kind of a shock to me, I suppose. That's why I laugh. Popular, huh? I've been told the same, by another friend of mine on here. I'm glad you think that of me, Auron. That was really kind of you to say, for that, I thank you.

    I'm delighted to hear that it will possibly burst. That's a first for me, to hear somebody here actually wants people to spectacle. I'm glad that you provided that room, because I happen to like speculating a lot. Not many people do, for that I'm grateful, and I'm happy you get a sense of elation out of it.

    (Sorry I have to come off so shortly, I have to go, I'll reply to the rest of this later).
    At the very least, if they aren't good, we can at least see why neither would want to side with Xehanort again.
    Hey Auron, sorry, I had to go eat dinner earlier. Oh yeah, don't worry about yesterday, didn't come back on anyhow. I'm doing great! How are you doing? Actually, I'm laughing hysterically, because of all the friend requests I've been getting.

    I'm glad to hear that I've helped you so much, you deserve the praise. I enjoy talking to you as well, that I can't help but feel inspired by you. A Certain Hut, truly is marvelous, Auron. You leave me speculating, over and over again. That I can't wait to see what you throw at us next. I am really lucky to have met you, your stories are simply amazing, that I enjoy reading them very much.
    (I may have over did it, but I love giving you praise and telling you, what I think of your stories XD) oh yeah, meant to tell you, your stories are very refreshing, it's been so long, since I've come across something good to read.

    That's really impressive, Auron. I would have to say, that I agree with your best friend, on originality. But your right, that it can still be utilized. It's just very hard to keep things original, that it's kind of sad, how much isnt original anymore. However, that's what makes it amazing, when coming across something new and close to original.

    Alright, I'll keep that in mind ;)

    I'll have take my time with reading it, though. I like it so far, but it may take a second time for me to grasp the story, really well.
    I guess because they were never truly "evil" in the first place, at least not with inherently evil motives. Vexen simply seemed to mostly want to further his research, and to get respect from the other members that he so felt he deserved. Zexion certainly played his mind games and tried to use some people, but he might be good if given the chance, I guess.
    I know, just throwing out theories. :3 It really is odd to know how many members you're going to get that far in advance, though.
    Had he already planned it? Had he maybe specifically turned those 13 into nobodies? Or maybe 13 is relevant to something big...
    Right, but I have complete confidence in you, that you will become an author and have your story published. I may be bold for saying as such, but you write marvelously. That I can't help but think that you will, someday ;) your already writing, an that itself is a step that much closer to acquiring that dream.

    Exactly! It just depends on what it is, really. As for myself, when I listen to certain mucus, it creates a scene in my head, that I simply must write it.

    If it got you to cry, there music must be that moving, emotional wise. I'll have to look them up soon, could always use new music to listen and write to.

    I'll be back, in a little while, Auron. Oh, before I forget, I started reading that book 'Strange cases of Jekyll and Hide'.
    Still, trying is better then nothing, right? If it hits kindle, then that's one more step closer to being published. Plus knowing a publisher personally, makes your chances a lot more higher, compared to many who tried to get published.

    It is, actually. I think it depends on what you like personally, mixed in with what gives you that spark, to write out that story. Like a flow of music, can cause inspiration to write it or based that story off of it.

    I have, heard of Green Day. I couldn't really say what I thought of them unfortunately. I haven't listened to them in a very long time, however at one time, I thought they were a great band. What about you?
    I wonder why they didn't try any harder than that... I guess human nobodies must be too rare to try to find specifically skilled ones.
    Your going to try to get it published!? Wow, that's so cool! I hope it works out for you, Auron. I would definitely buy it, if it were in a bookstore! Okay, great. Already started reading a Certain Hut, so I look forward to anything else you happen to write :)

    I see, well just thought I would ask. Interesting choice of music, heard of Green Day though.
    True, the only principle they were using to recruit was "human like Nobody". Not surprising that they didn't exactly fit together very well or all have the best set of skills.
    Already making progress, I see. That's great to hear, that it's turning out a lot better compared to the original. Will you be posting any of it here or just write it for now, until later to post it, maybe?

    Oh yeah, you definitely have a unique style. Your welcome, Auron. I like how the story flows, it makes it very enjoyable to read.

    Do you happen to listen to music at all, when you write? Been meaning to ask you this as well.
    Xigbar and Xemnas are debatable, I think, but you're right. I guess as a group they weren't too strongly connected, but there were groups in the group that were loyal to one another. Then again, it was those subgroups that tended to plan the whole group's demise...
    Well,there are some websites that you might want to visit
    google Pixiv (it's a deviantart-like but in japanese),and this is Xion's name in japanese:


    Give it a search :)
    No problem! :D

    Hm, good point. There really was no real loyalty in the organization, I guess they chalk it up to his lack of heart.
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