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  • Anyone that visits this, send me a message if you're interested in getting back in touch with old Inferno Players!
    Yes, I've been watching E3 trailers the past few days and once I saw FFXV & KH3 I decided to pay a visit. Btw I don't quite remember who you are what were your past names?
    Happy 5th Anniversary, my Love.

    It's really already been that long. It's nice, very nice.
    I'm sad, though. I miss this place that I consider "Home"--the place where it all started. I really wish that we never lost the RPG Inferno.... I really wish we could get it back and pick up right where we left off so long ago now... I miss it. I miss hanging out here. I miss all of the people that would come by and just hang out, chat, or play... I miss playing the game with you. *sigh...*

    Anyway, this place will always be special. I always have to stop by here, and I can't not leave and messages to you here--this is where we very first spoke. :3

    I Love You, Darling, Always.
    Hey, Love.
    *looks around*
    It's been a while, hasn't it? since this all started here at this place...
    I think fondly on those times and greatly cherish those memories.
    I hold onto the ones that we make even now.
    I look forward to the ones that we will create in the future.

    You're the greatest, do you know that?
    I'm really blessed to have you.
    I'm really glad that you chose me...

    I Love You with everything that I am--my whole heart, being, soul.
    Darling,... Happy 4th Anniversary.
    Thanks for sending me this info Luffy buddy.I wish I had played it more, I hope a new Inferno does come and I will try to play through all of it.
    Hey Kai whenver you accept a Newbie for the NMO, can you tell me and send the forum page link and rpg link?
    :/ Okay so when I talk to the NPC and all that where can I go to teleport back to Betwixt and Between?
    :3 Hey Kai I'm deep in the maze of the Isle Of Muerte. Currently I'm at Gentle Currents. Whats the right route? Slimy Pond or Flooded Cavern?
    Well even though I just made it out(through pure hard work), it would be best to lay out a map for other people who are having trouble with it. And thanks for the heads up on Jack. I just thought his rum was weak lol.
    So this is where we met, huh? With no plans for a relationship and not expecting any of this happen... Just casually on a forum and awaiting an RPG. And yet... we found each other. We just happen to cross paths, had an unexplainable attraction.. and we didn't ignore those feelings. This is where it's taken us now. An loving, intimate relationship.. wanting and waiting to make it more. From an RPG shoutbox to being right next to each other in real life.. It's been three years now--oh, how time passes. But that's only the beginning. Real time has not yet passed; we have so much ahead. It's a wonderful thought. I'm happy and excited yet also anxious to know what lies ahead. It's not really something that we can know now, but time will tell. When it comes, we'll experience it all together. I can't wait to see just how far we'll go.

    To our 3 years together, and to all there is to come,
    Happy 3-year Anniversary.

    I Love You~

    "Eternamente el beso lo respiro..."
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