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  • Hi Raeneth. I don't know you very well, but I was wondering if you could tell me some information about the RPG KHi had?

    What was it like?
    Hey Rae, I see you still come on here every once in awhile too, huh? I come on hoping a friend of mine on here will be back on, but he hasn't, it would be great to talk with him again. P.S:It's me, Zexion.^_^
    thanks for that... dam everyone on this site was here for years....that makes me think noobs are shunned here lol
    No problem bro. Really sad to see Inferno go. But I certainly don't want this to be the end. We've had worse then this before. At least we'll be getting a new inferno and Decado is making things. So we'll have something ya know? 3.1 disaster was way worse and we got through it nicely and had an amazing Inferno.
    Wow missed you being on yesterday .-. I hope the college life is treating you well and you better get that 4.0!
    Oh wow. Final Fantasy Last Supper? That sounds pretty awesome. Kinda blows that it's been pretty crazy for you. Hope things die down a little sometime soon so you can get a break and have some time to yourself. And yea, I've been talking to Ig a bit on inferno things, got him to change things around that needed to be done for awhile. Then I saw D come back and heard from Ig that they were making a cave and starting chapter 3 work. It'd be pretty nice to have chapter 3 sometime around early summer. Having everyone back on and talking just like how it used to be back in '07.
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