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  • I have read them ;D I watch that community, and kawree and I are working on a project together regarding the Days novels!
    Thank you for thinking of me <3
    Lol I've done the same but it's all good, input is input =] good luck with the presentation btw.
    Ha, well... I've been checking on and off. I'm *meant* to be preparing a class presentation on Park51. -.-
    I'm actually surprised you posted after me considering I took 5 minutes to post that wall of text xD;
    ;D Oh really? Well, so am I! I think I love Xemnas, Xigbar, Roxas and Axel most. Two of the orginals and two of the newer ones. And that is ALL DAYS FAULT. I SWEAR TO YOU THAT IT WAS. XD; How could that game make me love them so much?! Ack!

    And yes, strange how KH makes you love hot attractive men in black suits. XD
    "Oh, and so that you don't have to start a new game--> GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) Game Script by DJ Firewolf"

    Thank you for the link. :) And thank you for supporting my views on Xigbar. :D I'm glad you liked my theory. But I had already marked down every moment with Xigbar and Roxas. Still can't believe I never took that scene as more though. XD

    Still. Thank you so much. You are very kind! :D
    I was asking in case you had something different to this:
    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: Vol. 1 The 14th
    I was wondering were you got that bit of dialogue between Xemnas and Xigbar from the novel? As in, do you have the novel or did you find it online?
    Hahaha oh gosh, that is definitely true xD. It seems like sometimes though, people disagree with you simply for the sake of starting an argument, or for the sake of disagreeing. It's annoying haha, or when somebody misunderstands you and freaks out xD.
    Thanks! It's nice to meet someone friendly for once xD. It seems like forum people have a tendency to be extremely argumentative o__0. Of this I was not previously aware ^^;
    Sorry for the mistake, but you haven't specified your gender, so its hard to know. Well, we are indeed active, and epicness incarnate. If you want to join, go ahead. If your temp is any good, you're nearly guaranteed a position.
    Hey, you're the guy that was lurking in The Commission threads for a while aren't you? WHat's up with that?
    So it looks like you're reading it again, Imao.

    How do you find Lucipher and the creature (Ramaxuli)
    No problem, whenever you want to chat, you know where I am.

    So what's popping?

    You should make an avatar.
    Saga II will begin in summer vacation so I'm sure you can join in!
    Well, it's kind of silly to join in when we're about to end it.

    Just promise you can post weekly or daily and I'll consider having you in
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