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  • You can't make me!!!!!!

    Lol, jk, I'll try to remember. You know how difficult that is for me.

    .....Wait, what was I saying? /badjoke

    Anyway, I can't stay, I have hw. I just came on to post really quick is all. Sry! *huggles* L8r.
    *sigh* I wish I could see a real parade up close. It would probably be awesome. I always miss them here though, cuz I always stay inside the house pretty much. >< I should try to watch it this year though.
    Well, I think I'm going to have dinner with my mom and my bro Thursday and then the family dinner Saturday. Hopefully.
    It's a good thing I don't really chew gum a lot.

    Wait...what certain foods?!??!?!?!? Please tell me ramen is not one of them!!!!
    But my friend told me that having braces has its downfalls as well...and I'm not looking forward to those. T.T
    *sigh* I rly need to get braces. I want mine to be blue and purple if I can't get the clear ones.

    Is it weird that I think having braces would make me look cooler? Lol.
    Nothing but working. That's why I haven't been on so much. I'm hoping to catch up over break.

    *jumps 10 feet in the air* YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING!

    Oh, it's you. Don't scare me like that!!!!! *poke* ^.^

    Alright, I'm really tired. I actually got out of the house today, thats probably why. In any case, goodnight. *hugs* Get some rest.
    Lol, kinda sounded like it.

    I hate having to wait for a new one to come out everyday. I shouldn't have caught up so fast!!! GRRR!!! Lol.
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