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  • Lol I wanted something like that. I can't wait to see what Arck does XD
    No problem man. We buds got to stick together. Sorry if its taking me so long to post.
    Don't worry man writing tough and rping is tough, but I know you can do it. Jolteon actually having some trouble to since he didn't roleplayed for a while since his disappearance, but I know you'll get the grove of things. Also a tip you should remember to capitalize words that need to be capitalize. If you need help come ask me or Sparks or anyone in the rp. Will be glad to help.
    Well not everyone writes the same. Besides everyone not perfect. So no worries my friend^^
    I got to head to work soon and won't be back for awhile. I think you got time.
    Thanks I liked the idea. XD. Yeah and Ry's post was scary. I'm surprise someone didn't past out just by looking at him XD. And he is the younger brother lol. I wonder who will spot Kyshi first though. I remember Arck did, but let's see this time XD.
    or unless their hometown was wiped out completely and the town name was lost
    Its simple as making a difference. Can you also explain the hometown they were from to.
    Alright. I so can't wait to see them. Once I see them and give the a okay than the rp will start
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