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  • Well can you give me your skype so I can remind you to post every now and than. Since you usually don't get on khi
    Awesome. Well glad to help and ooooh cool. Well I put up Joezo and thats about all the characters I'm going to use. So I might just put up the rp when I see your characters. Their has to be easier way to contact you. Do you have msn or skype
    Lol..... hmmm let me think. I guess you could give him the auramite ability of ice or able to turn invisible or something. I think I have to know his personality to get a better idea. I hope my two options help.
    Lol. I so can't wait to fight him. Leon would probably think.
    Leon: Great now their another arck running around. Just what the world needed.
    Yeah good times, I wonder who will get to her first this time. Than again Sparks won't be back till next week so will have to wait for her reply. lol. Man just imagining arck's brother gives me the goosebumps o_O
    Awesome and cool dude. Your choice. I wonder how his brother is like *thinks about how arck was like* o_O yeah he going to be scary. I remember Arck wasn't the nicest guy to Leon lol
    Noo I wanted Arck to be in TSOV ;-;. Why don't you bring back his friends to or unless you really want Arck to be on Asf. I wanted his rivalry with Leon to return ;-;.
    For second there I thought you forgot about us here. Glad to hear from you. Its okay dude. Can't wait to see the temp dude ^^
    Well in case you missed it, the RP already started and I was wondering if your still wondering in RPing. We could use a few more people to RP.
    You can if you will. If you feel like you can handle that many characters, then go all ahead.
    No worries my friend. And nothing to apologize its okay. I decided that I'm going to stick to what the plot was originally going to be. Anyway its glad you'll be back.
    Glad to hear that buddy. Well hopefully the sign ups will be up today. So maybe you can bring back Arck ^^
    Um cloud long time no see buddy. Well me, Sparks(ember) have to decided to bring back the rp Harmony of Chaos back in the summer. And well its the summer lol. I was wondering if you like to return back. I remember sending a pm to you and saying no. Well were restarting it over and I was wondering if you like to come back. To see if you have change your mind.
    Hey could wolf!
    Where'd you get the avvy? I've got one EXACTLY like it so uh, were'd ya find it?
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