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  • Watcha think? We got some good action and an awesome cliffhanger in this Fairy Tail chapter no? Actually reading it a second time, I liked it more, now this is Fairy Tail! ^0^

    Full Hollow Ichigo = Aizen pwnage. I will be a sad kitty if there's anything less, Aizen has had waaaaaaaaaaay too long a winning streak, which means his downfall is going to be AWESOME!

    I'm tempted to search for funny fanart, but I'm also a little scared of what "surprises" may show up *shudder* Oh lord....the imagination some fan artists have @_@;;

    Ah sorry, I didn't explain that, d'oh~. Anywho, Hallucinations of the Heart can be anything from a past guilt trip, to a deceased friend, to being with your lover, ect., something with huge huge emotional weight that you really super care for, or want desperately. It can be both good and bad things, but the thing is it's an illusion, which means there's a counter reality. Counter reality being the truth. Like the friend is dead, or your lover is in danger or far away, or dead, you know, things along those lines :3

    ;______________________; Thank-you James *hug* And there I go letting my emotions get the better of me, I swear, if there's ever a water shortage, just put me on the case, I'll cry a frikin' river for everyone >>;

    It is up to Jason right now, you're right. Him and Nicole, we can only do so much....Man, I know exactly how he feels, I so know that anger, and it lead me to make a terrible decision that I've been regretting the rest of my life, it may not have dealt with a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, but it dealt with a close relationship none-the-less ;-;

    Jason should know....we wouldn't be doing any of this if we didn't care for him, and Nicole. We're all friends ;-;

    You know what's really at fault at here? The people that made Nicole's cheerleading outfit :mad: If those people made a better outfit for her, this would have never happened!.......Unless she made it herself, or her, parents........*crickets chirp*............Has Jason talked to you since last night.....? Is he still mad? ;-; Man, he needs a big hug, Nicole too, a big giant bear hug >X3

    Ah, if only hugs could solve problems~

    I can understand how Nicole would be upset too, she's a strong willed young lady, and a 'wardrobe malfunction' is something terrible to deal with >_< That would set anyone off.
    Man, I just can't get off my mind about Jason and Nicole. I mean, I feel now because of me he got all upset at you, and like I'll totally shoulder that fault, although I am glad you told him what I wanted to say to him, but I'm also sad I made you a middle man :( It's like a lose-lose situation - you know I never thought those two would ever get into a fight, but stuff happens.

    I hope Jason...finds his way. But he does need to get his emotions under control.

    ;________________; I mean I was just trying to return the favor of helping him out, and you're doing so much already, gah, I feel like a bad friend now >_<

    This just sucks, I hate it when people fight :'( especially friends.
    New Fairy Tail is out at mangastream, I glanced at it, at least we get Lucy back - HURRAY~!

    That seems like the best reason for Aizen to do his snoopin' and plotting, but if he planned all that out, he must intend to control Ichigo in some way, or harness him, that's the meat I wanna get at >:)

    Simple~ Neji -> *facepalm* "Now he's going to be family....." :<


    "Namine's power did screw with Sora, but how was it that the cards transformed the rooms into things from Sora's memories unless the Castle had some power of it's own." <- good point~

    Oh yeah~! One of South Light's best attacks is when she takes up a mini form of her star appearance, err, kinda, since she just replicates the light she once had, and with that light, she can trap people in hallucinations of the heart~ Of the heart >:D
    Like I said before, down to his last scrap of DNA - eek - *supresses Fairy Tail rage*

    That'd be something if he was the last Vasto Lorde no? @_@;;

    XD YES! OUR DATING SCENE MUST BE SOON~! shoot, they're back in the village, it's time for them to get to it!

    Alright then :3 but remember, it was Namine's power that screwed over memories, not Castle Oblivion, so you can do whatever you want for Castle Oblivion, err, oh yeah you already are XD Stupid Mother Goose mode >>;

    YAY YOU~! >X3

    Not for South Light, she's more magical than physical, and it allows her to open up her mouth into oh **** scay proportions >_< AH! that's it! She has ethereal teeth~! Ghosty teeth that come and go, but since they're ghost, that doesn't make them any less sharp - yes, super sharp ghosty teeth~! 8D
    anyways you should check out the SA forums....I think you'll be thoroughly happy with the decision that was made to Bring the RP there and Refurbish the Forum
    And for the Fairy Tail fans~!!!

    Oh, yay~! I know some Bleach fans who weren't happy with that twist, but I'm glad you like it, I know I was like -> O_O because we're going to get to the nitty gritty of the Bleach story, and that makes happiness 8D

    Really? Here ya go then~! -> Naruto The chapter is out at mangastream~ That's why the spoilers went away :D enjoy~!

    [I was gonna have Castle Oblivion draw what was left of her in. It's a castle of memories so it has a bit of a will of it's own but no Upper Conscious. Xion was compatable with it so when it absorbed her they kinda melded together.

    Axel's gonna go get Riku and take him to Castle Oblivion and he's gonna draw Roxas out from Sora, the whole 'body swtich' thing, y'know. Also, Axel is gonna be far more powerful this time around, he'll have to be to go head to head with South Light.]

    Ah soka~! You're interpreting it through possession, I gotcha :D

    ["The name's Axel. A-X-E- WHOA!!" Axel jumped back as South Light rushed in, her lips almost meeting his, "You don't waste any time." Axel smirked and summoned his chakrams to his hands, "I like that in a woman."

    "Then you're gonna love me." South Light giggled extending her hands out to both sides. Magic swords appeared around her and the castle rumbled as she channeled power, Suddenly her eyes turned pure black and her smiled with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, "I could just eat you up."]

    I sense the Dark Knight XD Anywho, something quick on South Light that I haven't mention yet, she doesn't have sharp teeth persay, rather her mouth, when she's in eating mode and not soul sucking, it's uh, more like as if her teeth are super ghostly, like wispy cloth that move.....gah I can't explain it well yet, but maybe you can ^^;
    Well Fairy Tail is out, and I'm assuming you've already read it, but if you haven't, don't bother, seriously, this is the first Fairy Tail chapter where it's just best to skip to the last two pages to get ready for the next one, AND HOPE TO GOD WE GET SOME DRAGON SLAYER ACTION!

    I think some spoilers are out for Bleach and Naruto, hold up a sec - okay for Naruto, it looks like a really, really promising chapter, I'm excited for it :D - and as for Bleach..........**** ME...........*jumps into a hole to hide from onslaught of Bleach fans*

    [Here's the premise of my story, Xion's reformed in Castle Oblivion. She brought back Axel cause she absorbed Castle Oblivions powers and she wanted to see Roxas and Riku so Axel went to pick them up. South Light senses them and goes to do a little snooping by herself. Upon entering Castle Oblivion, cause of South Light's presence alone things get &%*$ed up and Riku and Roxas have to battle their way up the Castle, dealing with old enemies and (if you're willing to divulge it) some stuff having to deal with South Lights past and present.]


    How does Xion get reformed? If you like, you can use a miss fire of Fixed Memory* magic from Merlin zaping Sora in a wierd way or something~ Then, due to the magic, you can have him asleep away somewhere with Roxas and Xion both coming out, Xion's remnants called to Castle Oblivion like a magnent, and Roxas just popping up near Sora. Just an idea~ :3

    Here's a quick bit about ol' Southy~ South Light's other name is the False Star, she can break someone down to thier pieces of life from her False Heaven, and string other peices of Life together, it's not a power used too often by her as it takes up an enormous amount of energy.

    South Light also used to be just a star before the Lady read her legend, and brought her to Hollow Castle to be formed~

    You can count on me getting ya the rest of South Light's info - she's one that really needs some love >w< Sometime this week, expect a big pm XD

    [And I was thinking about having the Sailor Scouts accompany Roxas since Dendjue will be with Riku. After all, they are 'His girls'.]

    That works :D Since South Light is also known as the Forbidden Diety, oh they'll need all the magic users they can get XD

    And - WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH - My blue bird to you is traveling sooooo slooooooow :'( I think I'm going to have to stetch a rocket to it or something >_< Sorry ;-;
    *after reading new Naruto and Bleach chapters*


    Yeah, you were right on the money with that one :) - and I'm still OMFG'ding over the fact at the very last page - KABUTO-*UCKING-MARU - D E A R G O D.......It's like, a bad guy swarm of backlashing is coming for poor Naruto :( Not like he deserves it, he needs to get thrashed around to knock some damn sense into him.

    ......I've just accepted that Aizen is the ultimate hack. In all of manga, ever. And that's not a good thing. It just means he sucks. He sucks monkey tail. HE JUST WON'T DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!

    Whatever you do is fine with me ^_^ as for Sora's group, I'm with you on keeping it very controlled, no more than two :3 How are you planning on turning Sora into Roxas? And if Roxas gets pulled from Sora, won't that mean Sora would fall asleep somewhere? His body would need to get protected~
    Ney, ney if you want to do another filler, and it's totally up to you, but if you were, may I have one request? Could you give South Light some attention? She's quite bubbly, just think fan girl and you'll have her down pat, she also has a cold sense of humor, a bit scarier than the Lady since the Lady milks it to the point of halyfway making fun of herself, but when South Light says it, she leaves it to sink in~

    Trust me, it's more unpleasant than interesting since I was reassured that my back is against the wall for the rest of my future ;~; I'm getting a back ache just thinking about it >_<

    O_O.....................GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSS~!!!! Now I'm gonna be a candle!! DX WAH! But that makes some sense, I thought my head had some wax in it :p

    Do you want to know what's in some of our ground meat?.........I try to eat mainly chicken from then on >_<

    ;___; I just hope the author can conjure back up those awesome arcs from the beginning to channel some kick ass juice into where the story goes from here on out, then everything will be fine ^_^

    No no XD you weren't an idiot, when the wierd thoughts start going through my head, everyone needs to look out! XDDDD

    Sounds like a sad character to RP ;~; .....Will you be the one to end him? :O
    Blargh! Yesterday sucked :( Lifestock, we all know how fun those are >>;

    It feels like there's wax in you mouth don't it? YUCK! DX

    Before you get ride of the author, show the editors who's boss, they've been making the author write that little mess with Naruto dying with Sasuke >_< Makes me mad how they can take over someone else's story like that :( They haven't done that to FMA, and look how awesome it is!!! ;~;

    :3 I was just being silly~ >X3 Sowy XD

    Well that's good ^_^ - O_O Hold up.....he looking for someone to kill him...? @_@;; Elaborate please....
    Thank you ^_^ *gives you a vanilla cookie* Made it myself :D - Actually I've had enough sweets myself XDDDD and now I'm dropping them again~ I don't like getting sweetened out, it just makes ya feel 'bleh' ya know? :p

    :O The truth is out then~! Oh woe to Kairi~! XD I'm going to put her through hell and then some, but everyone gets thier happy ending....eventually >:D - :O I could never hate Hinata! Nay! Never! Hinata is awesome! And she's so sweet ;w; .....Oh no, Naruto being a Yaoi kinda interferes with him being with Hinata, dangit >>;

    O_O NO JAMES! NOT THAT TUNNEL!!! IT LEADS TO GRAVITATION! THE MOST WELL KNOWN YAOI OUT THERE! *jumps in after you* I'm coming to save youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu~! Hang in there!!!

    He better not if he knows what's good for him :mad:
    Dr. Madara. "I'll help you see even the things you don't want to, and then some! Also, I have free cookies." Damn the dark side and thier cookies.... >>;

    I suppose so :D Now if I can only confess that I'm a Kairi hater too, but that side of me still wants to see what else she can do before I begin to lay the smack down on her XD

    SEARCH YOUR FEELINGS - YOU KNOW IT TO BE TRUE~! What other logical conclusion can we reach at this point with this insanity?! May I remind you that even Kakashi and Guy had a "weird" encounter too~!!!

    ......You sure he's a good guy? >>;
    True, and Madara.....*gulp* has that collection of his >_< Good grief the Uchiha clan and their eyes, ick >_< You think one would have just become an eye doctor or something >>;

    "I know, that's how it goes. Kakashi does need to beat some sense into Naruto, and Sakura needs to think straight and kill Sasuke herself, although she'd probably get killed instead. " <- This. That way we get rid of two birds with one stone :D

    XDDDDD Then again Naruto yaoi was started at the beginning of Naruto really, remember when they accidentally kissed during Ninja school? >>; Naruto got bumped into Sasuke....no it was all planned out from the beginning! O_O Naruto was a yaoi manga all along! :O

    Whelp, don't get curious and type in Naurot yaoi......your eyes will burn x.x

    >_<......crap, I can see it now. Ichigo: I've got you now Aizen!

    Gin: ohhitar~!

    Ichigo: ****!!!

    Gin: * pwns Ichigo*

    *sigh* -_-
    <3 <- a heart for you~

    I remember Itachi was going down from a disease, so I don't think Sasuke would want to implant anything from Itachi, but that's a creepy thought in it's own right, Sasuke using his brother's eyes O_O;; Danzo was creepy enough with all those on his arms >_<

    Any main character can die sadly, but when they do, it's always at the end of the series to make us cry ;~; Kakashi needs to smack some serious sense into Naruto stat. Shoot, even Sakura - SAKURA has more sense than Naruto about Sasuke, I didn't know who was gaga over Sasuke more, but now I know without a doubt its Naruto. The Yaoi fans must be rejoicing XD

    Gin is the one with the squinty eyes and short white hair right? >_<
    *HUGS* Confidence is something I'm a little short on, but love is more than enough to make up for that, *blush*

    I think my sunrise is glowing just a bit brighter :D

    The only way this concept can fly is if Naruto pulls a fast one, and I mean a fast one. Have his Shadow clone "die" with Sasuke, although Sasuke could probably see through that with his plot vision >>; oh no wait - he's supposed to be going blind! Yippie!

    Oh Gin, I totally forgot he existed - so if Ichigo doesn't miss, Gin will be there -_- *** dammit manga authors - don't ya'll dare betray us now! Don't hurt the legacy you've made, you've come this far - end with dignity!!! :mad:
    Yay! :D *hug* April 8 is when I go up for Block, it's a month away~ Ack :p

    I need to get out more then XD My horizon is rather tiny ^^;

    Yes, I have seen the new manga chapters.....WTF is going on with the manga authors?! DEAR GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Did they have a meeting or something and said, 'hey, let's mind screw everyone this week, you know, for kicks!' - ' Oh yes, great idea, lets snap our character's mentality right in two, corner and abuse them, and then totally pull the rug out from any continuity of growth!'

    I mean cheese and rice crackers - for Pete's Sake! And if the editors are pushing the authors to put this stuff out, they should be fired - continuity! Continuity please! - And I bet Ichigo is gonna miss and not even sneeze on Aizen, you know, for continuity -_-
    >>; I suppose that would be one aspect about me that might annoy you a little ^^; I'll try to work on being happy a bit harder, but can I still come cry to you when I need to? ;_;

    ;_______________________; That is so true. At least I have you to help me :)

    It's an old movie, I might have trouble finding it, grr, but hopefully the movie channels will circle it back around, they've been playing alot of older movies lately, although I've still yet to see Tokyo Godfathers - I hate my time schedule DX

    XDDDDDD I had to reboot too, oh god, can they torture us any further in this arc?! DEAR GOD! DX
    Yesterday was emo day~ I had to get alot out of my system, I even cried as I typed, dangit :/

    I never realized how much my artworks have meant in my life, I mean I know they mean alot, but I didn't understand how much of myself they defined me, that's my contribution to society, and if I can't do that, then well, you're right, there's something else for me to do, but holy hell is that gonna be a crappy week after Block, bleh!

    I like Jet Li~ I'll have to try and catch that then sometime, hurray for karate :D

    I know....I know - come on James snap out of it! Reboot! Rebooooooooooooot~! Come back to me! XD
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