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  • No, and it only happens to random members of the forum. They have a thread going on with a bunch of ppl posting about the problem. And tbh about 6 months ago I closed my RP...50,000 post with over 75 members for 6 years...i was tired. Now out of the request of my dedicated members am I even still doing RPing. I'm like Solid Snake...I'm getting to old for this shit
    Supposedly you are a very talented Rper? Reason being I was looking for a co-manager and the Rp I'm making could be extremely good or bad so I'm looking for the best quality of Rpers I can find.
    I finally figured how to get my PMs to work. Uber long posts seem to bug out the page so I'll be sending two PMs instead.
    I seem to have a problem getting my PM to work. So, uhh, would you mind if I were to possibly post it here instead?
    lol thx :D s1butz

    The message you have entered is too short. Please lengthen your message to at least 25 characters.
    Alright. I'm ready for it. How long this fight gonna be. This isn't technically a mission so there isn't a certain amount of posts we are going to be concentrating on, huh? Who you want me to take on? So far Mugetsu, Leon and Copycat is there and I won't be surprised if some Seph clone or some one comes in again. Genesis would be an interesting character to enter into the story. Hell he'd probably have Weiss with him.
    I see no significance or relevancy to anything involving me in that post. But I read it.
    It's probably because you are fairly knew and unknown around here. Give it time they'll warm up to ya
    Sure Gin was part of the school. Graduated in 5 years if I recall correctly. -Goes to check bio-
    Hell yeah man. Once we are all here, there won't be anything that can stop us from having like the best URPG around man. We just gotta make sure to keep up activity. It usually happens when you leave. Me and joe are left to run it without moving forward in the story so the members just kinda sit around and get bored... so I usually get high and forget what I was typing or that I'm in an RPG.
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