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  • Yeah, I can see that lmao. By the way, do you know how to join a roleplaying group?
    No problem dude, I am still a little confused with how things go on this site though lol
    I've jizzed too much to sleep :p

    haha jk..well not really, but yeah XD.

    I've been watching anime all night...erm i mean morning :p
    Oh wait! Now I remember that... For a moment I thought it was an abbreviation for an RP here. Yes, I did in fact sign up for XRF. Don't be surprised if I don't go on there much though.
    I've got no clue what XRF is... So I doubt that I've signed up for it. In fact, I don't think I've signed up for anything here in about two months at this point.
    Ooooooh okay I see, Hooray I thought you were just ignoring me and Jackie, and we were wondering cuz we didnt even call you that much. Well yeah but I had 81k on my old account and it will take forever to get back up to that much plus I have t start all over on ZOMG
    How many more members do you need?
    I can do more monsters if you want, that way when it starts you'll have a nice selection for the missions. I just need quality reference pictures.
    Is your RP going too start soon? I'm still developing the monsters a bit. But I want to know how much time I have. I know I said 3-5 days but I suddenly got busy, so just tell me when you want them. I'm still working on them though, trying too get photoshop so I can add color and stuff also.
    Awwww no school no life makes me want to cry T~T. But I will have lots of fun!!!! I will get you a shoe lol bye bye
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