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  • Hey I know you don't want to talk about it again that's fine, but I want to say on the reply you said on the thread,

    I'm sorry I went too far, I'm not trying to prove "pedantic". It's just that I only rely on days that are within a month to go by how much has passed between then and now. I'm not relying on just the upload date on just YouTube it also applies to the calendars for the months including the days. Look it's fine that you guys have a different view on what comes out and how much has passed that's fine, but realistically if you take in, for instance, the forthcoming Square Enix showcase at TGS coming September 22-23 and if you jump into October 22-23 for next month then it has been one month since the event passed.
    Look I'm sorry I went way over my head with the threads that were posted years ago, I admit I messed up and underestimated with what I was posting but I don't want to get an Infraction from this site.

    Guess I need to be in the doghouse for what I did today and refrain from making/posting making threads regardless if it's new or year/months old.
    not that it matters as a mod but i just wanted to say congrats on reaching 3000, surprised you didnt have more posts by now lol
    Okay, I just checked -- I mean to send a PM to all of you, but it seems like I only sent it to Cinder. I'll send it you guys' way real quick!
    Thanks :)
    Hey, Tinny! How are you doing?

    Just wondering, did you guys get my PM? I think I might have messed up while sending it and I don't want to send it twice if that's not the case.
    hey i just read that your father died, my condolences. my mom passed away last year so i can understand what that's like, somewhat. if you ever need somebody to talk to, i'm always here.
    Hey! Hope you're having a good day.

    I wonder, when will it be okay to use spoilers as avatars/signatures? Like, for example, from the ending of 0.2 or stuff. I'm guessing still a few weeks ahead?
    Hey Tinny, your work on the awards is really appreciated! We've got a lot of fun and refreshing awards, and little things like this just add some excitement to the forum. Great job!
    tinny my man

    these awards are awesome, glad to see you doing your part as mod so well.
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