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  • Well, it isn't a great game, I'll tell ya that. Too much flaws in it. But the story's good and well, it's fun. So yeah, it's a good game.

    Well sure, but there are tons of movie games that are basically sequels to the movie (Transformers 3 f.e.) but still don't really deliver. This game could've easily been a stand-alone game, which is good.

    Like, this game feels like a less-polished Batman: Arkham City.
    Bought the game, playing it as we speak. Loving the Amazing Spider-Man so far! :D.

    It has its flaws (camera can be bothersome at times), but overall, it's a nice game. Especially knowing it's a movie game o.o
    Yeah, even for a minor character like Bartz, it's still pretty interesting to make them well, interesting haha! I mean, they're supposed to be friends after all, their friendship should be visible.
    Yeah well, I wouldn't exactly draw the Heartless as a pony from the cartoons of course 'cause that would look... silly lol

    But still, you can do some interesting stuff with this. How to make a pony look like a threat and still cartoony enough to look like it would fit in a Disney game... should be fun

    Yeah, I was actually thinking about that as well. It would also show that he cares for Ciel as a friend. She goes off to search for the hermit (Lucius), Bartz thinks she needs someone with her, the makings for an interesting situation. He'll be like 'oh God... it's high up there... but I can't let her go on her own either... Aw man!'

    Something like that.
    You know, I actually thought about drawing a pony heartless as a joke but decided against it. I did draw a pony Animus, Lucius, Linnea, and Raine though, lol XD It'd be a nice little nod. Kinda like how the guards in Alberosa are supposed to look like Assassins and Templars.

    And oh wow, I never knew that about Bartz. Yeah, I'm sure we could edit in a small line about him being afraid of heights. Don't they go up to the top of the mountain when Ciel falls off or something? We could put it around when they're climbing up.
    Yeah, I'll probably buy that game tomorrow. I'll let ya know if it's any good :D. And yeah, I hope to see that as well. Game and movie 'working together', should be fun! A slight nod would be awesome!

    ...y'know, maybe we should have a pony/horse Heartless? For the Sword in Stone world maybe? Seeing as that takes place in the Middle-Ages? It could look funny but still threatening, if that makes sense.

    Linnea is finally getting finished and man, am I glad that I'm able to say that xD. Girl's been a major pain in the ass haha!

    Also, something I've been wanting to say:

    Fear of heights... We lost an oppurtunity there. Bartz in Ciel's homeworld never talks about this, neither does he show his fear of heights. Maybe we should change the dialogue of the scenes where Bartz appears a tiny little bit in Ciel's homeworld to add this characteristic of him? I mean, they live in the mountains and Bartz is the one that travels into the mountains with Ciel before she falls of the cliff... :p
    Yeah, I noticed that as well. I'm guess they will be together again after this movie. Which is a good thing actually 'cause they really were/are a good couple! Both of them are so nerdy at times, it cracked me up! :D

    Oh wow, that is pretty dark o.o. And it actually is pretty smart too. Like, up until now, (in the movies) every person caught by Spider-Man's web pretty much survived without any injuries. It completely ignores physics in that way so making it possible that he actually killed Gwen himself is pretty realistic, which in turn makes it more dark.

    I'm probably gonna buy the game for this movie, it's basically a direct sequel to the movie + I've heard that it's a pretty decent game. Can't wait to web swing through the city :D
    I see! Didn't know Spider-Man had dark stories like this! I'd like to see that as well.

    Y'know, also something I really liked was how Gwen's father changed throughout the movie. In the beginning, he's really hunting Spider-Man, but in the end he dies helping him. So good.

    Really a tragic ending, also how Peter stopped seeing Gwen was pretty tragic. Some serious shiz right there. Overall, I liked how this movie wasn't afraid to get really dark at times.
    Ikr? This movie alone is for me a lot better than the previous three. Overall, better acting (even minor roles are acted very well), the relationships between the characters are waaaay more believable (Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker? I believed it!). Spidey was funny as hell at times, the process of him becoming Spidey was more believable. Overall, a better movie. Truly amazing (pun intended).

    The Lizard/Dr. Connors was a very good villain. Not your everyday 'I'm gonna take over the world" but he had a goal, he wanted the world to get rid of weaknesses. Awesomeness right there!

    Clone saga? Care to explain? I like Spider-Man but I haven't read a single comic book haha!

    Doctor What? Haha genius!
    Ah I see haha! No worries, do it whenever you want to! :D

    Yeh, I've been doing fine. Work makes me a busy man though. But by the end of next week, I'll be a free man, F YES! 8D

    I've been alternating with work, having fun, working here (which is also fun of course lol) and making music. Yesteday, I went to see the Amazing Spider-Man, that movie was truly amazing dude :eek:
    Hey man! I was kinda wondering how the Robin Hood script was coming along? :D

    Kinda curious to see what's next y'know ;D
    So true. Same here, he made this project stand out imo. He took it to a whole other level with his Nomura-like art. Such an inspirational guy + he was always encouraging people as well. In his streams, you could hear he was a cool guy :D

    I have a little surprise for you guys though in terms of character art ;) But I'm waiting 'til I can really confirm some stuff. But something could be on the way...
    Yeah, I heard him doing those voices during one of his live streams, the guy's so talented!

    I've been wondering that myself! I'm guessing he's busy, who knows. I do hope he can still find the time for our project though, his art made me join this project and well, losing such a talented person, it would suck big time!

    But yeah, I'm guessing he's a bit busy atm
    Yeah well, I think we're already heading to that man (our game being possible one of the biggest fangames). I mean, we're gonna try VA's, the graphics (from what I've seen) look pretty awesome (although that's still a little early to tell, environments still need to be done and that's gonna take most of the work I think). The story is also pretty awesome, I think it's kinda on par with KH 1. Like it's not overly complicated but it's still a pretty solid story. Really, it's already pretty awesome for a fangame :p

    Yeah, I've been thinking that as well. We really need to nail the Disney voices! Disney makes the magic work so that needs to be solid! :D. But Youtube will surely make our search for people like that more easy. I mean, a lot of people (even here on the forums) can imitate voices. I f.e. can imitate Mickey a bit :D. I really am proud to say that I can perfectly pull of his laugh (mo-hah!) :D
    Haha it actually makes kinda sense indeed xD. When he was posting that, I was like 'hmmmm so we're gonna go with VA's? Woohoow!' lol

    It would be pretty amazing, like dude, this could become the biggest fangame ever xD
    Hahaha I know right? :D. I already talked with him about and he's fine with it! Already sent him some scripts for him if he wants to record lines ;D
    Dude, gotta show ya something. Remember that we discussed VA's?


    You probably already know Hillboy. This is his voice. Now think of Brand. I think we have ourselves a potential Brand here o.o + he works on a radio station, which means, a lot of intonation (which you can clearly hear in the video). What'ya think? I think this is pretty funny how well he would actually fit the role :D

    Haha but seriously, awesome dude! Can't wait to hear some godly music ;D
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