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  • I don't really have a legendary team right now. Most of mine still have the same movesets as when I got them so it wouldn't be that fun. Sorry.

    Actually, I am currently EV Training the Mewtwo from Soulsilver's Cerulean Cave. Just below the Lake of Rage is an absolutely perfect place for getting Spec. Attack stats. The Giraffraig and Flaffy are plentiful. At night, you can get a few speed stats from the Pidgeotto and Noctowl there.

    I also intend on EV training Defense and Spec. Defense. I found that below Fuchsia City, you can fish for Corsula there. They give you one of each defense! I actually found a SHINY Corsula there while I was training my Dragonair into the Dragonite.
    Thanks :D
    I might challenge the team of legendaries some other time, since I have some homework to do. I try not to use them myself, but I'm fine with others using them. Besides, it is fun to shove a Mewtwo at somebody and see how they react :D
    Hey, turns out that 5:00 may not work. I've gotta get a leg I injured checked up after school tomorrow and I'm not sure how long it'll run. I'll get back to you later on what times can work.
    One condition: Absolutely no adjustments to teams until after our matches.
    As is mine. I am free at 5. See ya then. XD
    I am a sore loser, so I am trying to find a way for a rematch, and to have it be insanely fun. XD
    This is the best way I think.

    2 out of 3, but knowing myself if you do end up beating me two times I would let you advance anyways XD.
    How does 5:00 work? My timezone is EST.
    Unfortunately I don't have the time today, is would tomorrow be good? And maybe this shouldn't count XD.
    Good game, that was actually pretty close. I knew that your Milotic had dragon pulse and my only other pokemon was a Blaziken so it really could have gone either way.
    My name on the game's Josh, and my friend code is 3738-5551-0499. I can play right now if you can.
    Hey, we've been paired up for the semifinals in the pokemon tournament. I can battle pretty much anytime later today, though the next two days could still work.
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