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  • Terrorists are brainwashed idiots, I like to blow things up just to see it blow~ =u=
    The gov is making sure working middle class disappears.
    That'd kinda suck for me, I want explosions!

    It's not. ouo
    A job!? How do you like the workforce? It's a bitch isn't it. xD
    Sadly I have nothing new to tell. I did get some kickass fireworks on the 4th though that was gloriously loud and bright heh heh
    Yeah I sat with him too, then when him and Luke were arguing about who I was going with I was like AHEFBVGUIKJFSDNDFFBE I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!!!!!

    Okay okay I will, back off buster!

    Beat it NOW! That ending...
    Haha yeah I guess it's okay for you to say it then. And I was like KENNNYY!!!! I freaking knew he was alive, they didn't show him die in either outcome of the first game, and it was so great to see him back! I sided with him almost everytime on the original

    That's probably the plan, she's pretty great hahaha

    Oh, I love the multiplayer, but I also have Uncharted 3 and play its mp every now and then so that still works
    Duuuuuuddddeee you will never believe what happens in episode 2, I was freaking OUT!!!!

    And I got a few things. Some money (love that money!), my mom got me all 5 books from A Song of Ice and Fire, and my girlfriend got me South Park The Stick of Truth: The Wizard Edition and all 3 seasons of Game of Thrones on Bluray!

    cool beans man, do you play The Last of Us online or anything?
    Also suffering in college, as well as work, you know. And of course! Telltale Games is amazing! So episode 2 of which, Wolf or Walking Dead Season 2? Both were amazing though!

    And thanks a lot dude! It was pretty awesome! XD

    Oh, I also added you on psn. I thought we were friends on there already, but when I went through my friends list to snoop around and see what you were playing, I couldn't find you :/
    You are missing if you can't even understand. Yes I do such things in person, I played multiplayer games with some people both last week and this week. It feels empty either way because, as far as games go, your still just playing a multiplayer experience alone.
    You say that but from what I'm learning I go out and have more of a life than you do and that's not a good thing considering I dont go out much unless it's to play a game.
    Your the one missing. I can do all those things in person, I've done them online before and it just feels empty.
    That's all it has.
    Because of sony's craze~
    It made perfect sense. The only online applications to gaming are DLC and multiplayer the rest goes to the other features they add to the systems now.
    Oldschool is the best school~
    You just can't bring yourself to admit your caught up in sony's little trophy craze. xD
    Online wouldn't do me any good anyway since all I do is play games and the only multiplayer ones I have are on my N64. xD
    Why would I care about the trophy? xD I get nothing form the little sound and image of it popping up.
    I dont have anyone on the list and I dont care about trophies so the non-BC thing is an irk to me. xD
    The ps4 isn't backward compatible so you'd best keep it whether you play it a lot or not.
    With the way things are country wide right now your probably more likely to save more money than I. TnT
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