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  • Pfft, you're basing Sora's bi-ness on Kairi? Shame.
    Riku, and Namine, kid. Learn it right. OT3 from heaven. She got Riku to remotely care about her too.

    And yes. Sora's in the middle of that 'love triangle', not Kairi.
    Sora's bi. Riku's the one that doesn't care about anyone or anything other than Sora, to the point he's using Kairi to get back at Sora for ditching him for Donald and Goofy.

    And I know. Just regular complaints.
    Actually, most of my deeds were done with my old user name, but I suppose you're too new to know it o:

    The thing is, Kairi could've been written in without trying to get Sora to ditch Riku with the raft thing. She could've cared about the both of them, and then Riku wouldn't have been portrayed as that big a gay for Sora either. But they just tried to cover Sora's case without thinking about Riku.
    ...I do, actually. @w@;;; damn. The old times. I was yelled at so much XD;;; Now the HC has over 100 members @w@;;;

    It does. Which is ironic since Sora and Riku's friendship is kind of what makes the game go 'round, so why try and shield it, or shove someone in between?
    xD Iono, I feel guilty. Whenever I get someone to see her in a bad light, I know they'll enjoy the game somewhat less. At least I know I do >:

    And yes, it is. She's an awesome poet.
    I saw XD I added you as a member. And that is exactly what I apologized for.
    Ok, thanks. :) I'm still new here and still learning the ropes, but I have already learnt to avoid this happening again.
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