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  • I felt like I should inform you that Nomura totally had that recompiling plan prepared since 2007 at the very latest

    A Look Back: Director's Secret Report XIII - News - Kingdom Hearts Insider
    When I get a breather from 17 credits worth of homework I'd be happy to. Just tell me what needs to get done.
    Hiya~. So I was just wondering... Would you like to do any more critiques for the group? We're really behind and I could really use the help clearing the stuff up.
    Just get back to me, okay?
    If you want to reply directly to someone, click on "View Conversation" and type in the text box that appears on that page. Just so you know.

    Anyways, some things came up and i'll have to postpone posting the critique until Monday. Hope that's not too much of an inconvenience. :\
    Thanx 4, um, reviewing my review. Yes, I believe I will enjoy being on the team. Writers have to support each other you know.
    Welcome to the critique team! :D I hope you enjoy being on it. I have so far.

    Btw, I anwered your critique. (here)
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