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  • Ah. I think you'll like the ending of DMC4. I was nearly in tears. XD
    Thanks for your recommendations though. I've always been interested in the series, but I'm underaged and whenever I go shopping I'm not usually with an adult. XD So, I was lucky that I was able to even play the fourth one. Even though my parents aren't concerned about my games.
    The anime was funny, if you ask me. Like, if you want background information on Dante's past and such. It was interesting, but nothing like the game, which is why I had a hard time adjusting to it.
    For the sake of not spamming the picture thread, I'll just reply here:

    Yeah, Oblivion is an RPG. Really, a lot of games have a lot of qualities of RPGs, but the main quality of an RPG is probably EXP and leveling up. I think DMC3 had a very little bit of that with leveling up of Dante's different styles, but the series has always been an action/adventure/hack and slash. I kinda suck at explaining things, but it's easier to understand what's what when you have a bunch of games in the same genre and can identify all the common elements they share.
    Oh hell yes. I love Xiggy. :3 Hee, hee, but not as much as--NO, NOT AXEL, I HATE AXEL. Not love. Hate. Got it memorized?
    (I'm so sorry about your boyfriend! D:)
    Btw, have you checked out the Kairi HC yet? ;D We have many reasons up there for our hatred towards her. Like one really good one is that she doesn't seem to give a crap about any of her so-called friends. >_>; Like, with how she acts towards Riku and Selphie isn't really friendly at all.

    Well, Nami doesn't get in the way of SoRiku at least. :D And going by how they acted in CoM, Sora and Riku (well, technically Repliku, but he acted like how the real Riku would have) wouldn't mind sharing her. ;D But still, I think I might be pushing how far I can talk good about Nami.
    With Namine, at least in the fabricated memories, she was shown to be playing with everyone on Destiny Islands. c:

    Kairi kept her distance and only hung around Sora. :c

    Well, I'm not going to try and sway your opinion. I fear that I'd be fighting a losing battle.

    Can we at least agree that she's better than Kairi..? :D?
    You're what a year older then me? xD Teenage arrogance? You're the one that got butthurt because I made fun KH the anime! xD I don't like you because seem kind of bigoted, you want a KH anime, I hate your username, you're annoying, and I hate your avy. This is the interent not everybody is going to be nice, or like you and your ideas, so just accept it. The sad thing is if you would've accepted that sooner, I would've never been rude to you, because you wouldn't have question my negative opinion.
    I was making fun because it thought it was stupid idea, so I did state my opinion at first, but you had to get up in my stuff. How am I superior to you? Because I have more posts then you? There are mods that have less posts then me, and I am no where superior to them. I'm being rude to you, because I don't like you.
    You actually did start it. I lol'd at the idea, and you got all butthurt and said "and?". A KH anime would be stupid as hell. Oh and I am going to patronise you.
    The fight stops now, it's turning into borderline spam. Next time don't get so pissed if someone doesn't like your idea.
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