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  • So, I assume that Cyan Sages is officially dead, now, right? It's a shame that it only lasted as long as it did.
    Yeah, I'd have to confess that I enjoy both reading and writing in third person, but then I'd also have to include that some of my favorite muses are in first person. I suppose it depends. *shrug*

    Mmmmmm... characters. Those hilarious, brilliant, expendable things... lol
    @FG Cool I'll check it out

    @TP I prefer third person. Since my stories have a massive cast of characters (especially my book. Ouch), it's easier to express their opinions in third person.
    Aw, thank you guys for the niceness. *hugz* (OMG maybe I do write in my sleep... lolwut)

    Well, about campaign three; I'm having some trouble with the transition b/w first person and third person. I decided to change it because first person is great for some things, but totally fails for others. So yeah, it's in progress and I'll probably have it up within the next week. (HOPEFULLY)

    Hell yes the Wii is awesome! ('cept I don't have one... lol)

    @ FG: Well then I'll have to check that out when ya put it up :D
    Okay, I'm happy now. I just got to my dad's house (for one thing), and he surprised me and my sis with a new Wii. I hooked it up and it's working great!

    TP, I agree with Sorrow. Your writing is excellent. Speaking of, when's the third campaign gonna be up?
    Well then, you've got more bragging rights than I. XD

    *sigh* Yeah... apparently, my brain likes to be more creative with the things I do while unconscious. It would be nice if it worked better when I was awake, but oh well. lol
    @ Andllexe: Aw... don't feel lonely plz. :*(

    I really do wish I lived in... well, somewhere that's not Florida. I mean, theme parks and all that jazz is okay, but I hate not having seasons down here. It's usually hot, save for the God-sent couple of days in a year where the weather is perfect, and I like to watch leaves change color on trees and stuff like that. So, you rock. XD

    @ Sorrow: Dangit, I can feel the awkward dreams coming on. lol
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