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  • Just curious, I've only just decided to come back from my very long hiatus and was looking through my old posts. I saw it and was wondering what you chose in the end.
    Hi there, I commented on your college choice topic, and I've grown curious. Which one did you choose?
    i read that huge post you made in the skyward sword thread--you should've applied for site staff ;~;
    Hmm, the whole child Ienzo thing bothers me a bit. How does a Nobody age? Ah well. A toast to all the fanfic that would never work canonically :)
    oh no, how suckish :( I have also been kinda scared of something like that happening, that's why i set mine 500 years in the future haha. But the fact that there are so many functions of the heart and keyblades and everything else we are left to speculate on kid of boggles the mind. What was the contradiction? If you don't mind me asking :)
    I just looked at those messages that I sent the other month, and wow I come across as arrogant. sorry =/
    Thanks <3. Lol you ain't got nothing Joey's Rattata, I know him, he calls me all da time, next time he calls I'll tell him you wanna battle.
    Ah. I've only played the first two. Erm, the one with the robot town people and the one with the diabolical box.
    I hold dearly to Fire Emblem Path of Radiance because it was my first Fire Emblem game. :3 Well, you should, since it's the best one out there. x3
    You forgot usertitle, location, and currently playing. :3 *shakes hand*
    Fire Emblem (Rekka no Ken) is the best FE out there.
    Oh you read my fic? that's exciting haha. Thatnks for the compliment. I have planned more Chapters down the line but.... lack the motivation to start writing them. I feel I'm a da Vinci type :p Not meaning to sound arrogant, but I think my stuff is pretty great haha, but I almost never finish anything I start up :/. Honestly I think that the fanfiction section is really due someone like Exvind... No offense to anyone out there but I detect a distinct lack in skill :I

    Edit: Just realised I had been calling my fic, rp hahaha
    I know how you feel about continuing, or just giving up, not even canceling. I actually still think about my fic, I even edited a bit of it this year (not that anyone would know) :p. Hmmm I suppose as for the Ansem/Xemnas thing, it will really have to come to what you think it is. if you really wanted to wait until you found out, who knows how long it would take! IF you ever wanted to Collaborate on something I would be willing.. You are one of the best Rp writers out there, I think. As well as Exvind, but I don't think comes here anymore. I find insipation so hard haha. anyway, enough of my ramblings :)
    Hey there :) I Know we have never really spoken on here But I just saw your name at the bottom of the page.. and I remembered your fanfic about the Organisation. I thought it was fascinating. I just wondered if you had any other thoughts about it, and If i could persuade you to start it up again :p haha.
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