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  • Challenge accepted!

    Sorry I missed your message and Lol why not?

    Just practice and drive slow and your lucky, I still gotta wait nine months after I get my permit to start driving and thats if I pass the drivers license test.
    Your pretty bad at images so dont embarrass yourself, jk good luck and I hope you win.

    Nothing much just been working on trying to get my driving permit and cash in my check at the bank.
    ohh~~~ *looks leik a retad*
    srry, ive never heard of it >,> the chara is Emil Casteniger from the tales series.

    is Fate stay night anygood? im always looking for new anime series^^ is it a shojo or a shonen type?
    for real, even though she knew no one would remember her afterwards. There aren't many characters who would make that sacrafice
    I hope not, and if they HAVE to do that she and Roxas and Axel should have a reunion of some sort first (Cuz i doubt they'll have a future game without some form of Axel or Roxas. Roxas still has to be 'saved' and Axel's just too popular)
    lol i think its a coat... and Xion's my second favorite! i hope she comes back in future games!! (and personally i'd kill to have a Namine plushie :D)
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