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  • Most of the instructors here are also either working in an outside project themselves, or they have their own company. They're too busy, but I'm not really in any rush xD
    Tried, didn't work. All the developers must get hundreds of emails a day from people like me so it's sort of filtered and they never reply.
    Because the faculty at my school are incompetent and I don't even know who's who anymore ;A; We don't have counselors here, and while we did once have advisors, they all quit to do other things. I could talk to my Academic Director but because all other AD's also quit to do other things, he had to take on all of their responsibilities and cannot be reached on a regular basis.

    Yeah, definitely xD I'm really hopeful for it~
    Nope. To be honest, it's kinda upsetting D: I've volunteered all over the place during middle and high school, but have no real experience in employment. There is something I'm gonna try applying for after graduation though. SE NA has an opening for someone who basically works with the online community and stuff :3 Since it's basically what I'm doing for KHI, I figure it wouldn't hurt ^^

    Glad to hear~
    I'll be graduating after summer quarter, so it should be September by then I think?

    Sounds rough. Hope everything goes well for you! :D
    Alright ^^ This is my second week back, but so far it's so much easier than the first week.

    How about you? How's life?
    Alright ^^ This is my second week back, but so far it's so much easier than the first week.

    How about you? How's life?
    Hi Zero! :D

    I'm good. Got an hour and a half left of class so I'm typing from my ipod :3
    I pay accordingly to the number of classes I take every quarter. So I guess I've got 4 more payments left?

    In GAD, we take a few scripting classes. Intro to Scripting basically covers building a basic website with HTML and Intermediate moves up to building a basic game in Python. But for more programming, it'd be better to enroll in the Visual and Game Programming major (VGP). We learn enough to dabble, but not enough to really understand everything.

    That's the plan!
    Still paying it off. My brother just started college in UC Irvine so money's starting to become an issue.

    Realistically, a character modeler or a texture artist. Ideally a conceptual artist (which will never happen xD). I heard a while back that they were hiring for people to read their concepts and stories (which is essentially like reading fanfiction imo) and my English and writing is pretty good, so I wouldn't object to doing that (since I do it now anyways for my friends). So I'm pretty much taking advantage of writing stuff for the site to improve in case an opportunity like that presents itself again.
    Can't remember right now. I'll need to check with all the papers my parents documented away... somewhere.

    Square Enix <3
    Even then, it's hard to say. I tend to just get all my shit at the student store because the teachers expect you to have everything really early on. The highest I've seen books go for is in the 40s, with the lowest being 9-ish. But for the most part, you can get away without buying books. Here, we always have a copy in the library that you can use (but not borrow) so you can just scan everything you'd need without spending money to buy the book. It's really only the GED classes where it's recommended, but as usual, you can BS your way through those classes without even reading.

    Well, the career center can help you find a job in the area or on campus, as well as internships. There are various workshops that take place every quarter specializing in making resumes, going to interviews, and all that. I'm a full time student, so I can't handle juggling a job or internship. Ideally, I'd be satisfied with a job in the industry in general. From there, I can start working on my own to get into my dream job.

    I have a friend majoring in Web Design who recently sent off her resume to Blizzard and a job application for, well, web design. Of course she didn't get the job because her work is terribad and uninteresting, but they have her info in their system. What I'm saying is that even though you know you may not get the job, it wouldn't hurt to try so that they'd at least become familiar with you.
    Cost is... tricky. You can get supplies and books and shit quickly at the student store for inflated prices, or you can find something cheap online. Tuition is, well, I guess it's average for a for-profit private school like this.

    A variety of careers; it really depends on what your goal is and you can consult with the advisor and director to arrange your schedule based on your desired career. However, it is still very likely that if you were to find a job directly after graduation that you end up working for someone who specializes in social networking games rather than console games. With all of the recent layoffs, they're just more willing to hire someone with more experience than a n00bie fresh out of school.
    The first and most important thing you need to consider is: are you serious about going into the industry? If you are, then by all means, Ai is a great school to go to (though overall, it really depends on which branch. The branch here in San Francisco is probably the best one to go to for game-related majors, and there are plenty of developers in the area so you'll be in a good, informative environment. Despite what I said about the teachers and their inability to teach, they are all very experienced in the field, so you can always find an answer to whatever question you have.

    How it's like? Well.. for the first few quarters, you'll mainly be going through all the basics of everything: how to use the computer, how to draw, how to write proper English; all that kind of stuff. It sounds boring, but they are a necessity later on. In your second or third quarter, you'll start getting exposure into various programs, but the bulk of your classes will still primarily be made up of the basics (it's actually recommended that you try to get all of your GED classes out of the way as early as possible, which explains that).
    Yep xD

    Game Art and Design. Which is awesome if not for the fact that a good number of my professors are just experienced individuals in the industry who don't know anything about teaching.
    I turn 20 in November (but I feel like, 16 D:).

    The Art Institute. The curriculum is structured so that, if you take the maximum number of classes each quarter, you can graduate in 3 years.
    Yep. Last year and totally not ready. But all of my worries just come back to haunt me when I'm sleeping, so right now I feel perfectly fine. Nothing new here either.
    Yo! :D

    Nothing really. Just browsing the internet and enjoying my last day of break before I go back to school tomorrow. You?
    Ah, I actually tried that the first go I had with it but it is a rather large stock with his head cut at the top and arms at the sides. If more of his head had been showing I would have done it differently. I think I can do something though...
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