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  • Oh hey I haven't seen you in a while, hope you're happy knowing your rebirth theory is the deciding factor for a lot of people in kingdom hearts chi lol. And welcome back, not that you left though.
    heh, vanitas's hair does in fact protrude out of his helmet during the scene where his mask comes off.

    I figured, they just used his unmasked model and plastered the mask texture over it, so no naturally it clips.

    Well I was going to say earlier that apparently, KH3 didn't have enough to cover. Nope, they "had" to add KHX to it as well >.>

    My actual knowledge of KHX is very limited and I learned a lot when I read your rebirth thread.

    I'm guessing he's just that sixth apprentice right? The one that wasn't given a tome?

    I randomly came across your name in the active users list. Is it gel and porn or geland porn?
    Kh?ng ai d?m khẳng định rằng đọc truyen nguoi lon hay truyện sex l? xấu cả tại website lau xanh.
    with good reason. it's interesting to see how quick people are to react when clearly they aren't fully informed. i appreciate opinion but not ignorance
    :p reminds me of What color is my underwear?! - YouTube

    also sorry for taking a bit to get back at ya! i'm gradjeeatin' this sunday and it's been a pretty crazy week!
    Also I'm not 100% back, things are still..."volatile" right now. It really could be anything from a day to a year when I visit again.
    My computer is..err..having a "gray screen of death" (not blue).

    Might be GPU overheating, just saying in case I vanish for months because in the worst case scenario my computer is mutilated inside out and it'll take a while to replace it.
    Tomorrow night I should be able to go on skype, hopefully my internet wont be a butt. I'll probably go on around 11 PM. If I don't, the internet was a butt, if I come on earlier, I'll tell you earlier.
    It's a pretty swag building. I feel nice and content now with having a huge dark city in KH3D. The 2-3 tiny screens in KH2 were like "....that's IT??"
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