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    Oh, Golly Gee. Confirmation for what you and I have been saying for the longest of times.

    From the KH Ultimania.
    Yeah, like how people say Riku gave Kairi a Keyblade for keeps, saying he said that in Another Report?
    Hence why I fail to see why you're insisting on this. xD I think it's impossible. You disagree. Not every theory has to be agreed by other people.
    Hell, most theories I came up with about Days were mocked but look at my 'got 'em right' ratio :D who knows. you might get a 'you were right' out of me yet.
    For now, I'm highly doubtful about it, to say the least.
    I don't like it because it was never based. They never showed anyone or anything capable of doing that.
    And I said before I understand well enough that Namine =\= Sora's B+S. A change happened. Like for any Nobody.
    You're ignoring the fact that my beef is that if Namine had a B+S at all to have been formed out of in the way you say so, she wouldn't be so nonexistent.

    ...when on Earth did I say that "it took a special shape" is referring to the Heart?

    And no. Using my own reasoning, I've reached the conclusion this is impossible. If all you have to go against it is your own reasoning, I doubt this is going anywhere, in case you missed it. I disagree with you on this one, so you can save your breath XD;
    Like I said - show me something that really implies that Roxas lacks a B+S (outside of Days), otherwise all AtW changed was where Namine came from, not what she was made up from. Her coming from Sora solves the issue of Kairi creating anything on her own (because like you said - Sora's Body was leaving the Realm of Light and hence, "by products" could be made), as well as better ties together her relations to Memory.
    You can say "ok have that be, only in reverse" but then you have KH2 not making sense since you effectively have a vessel go poof.

    And me refusing a theory as possible regardless of its "validity" means I deny its validity :v in case you missed it. Nothing of what you said I find to be valid as I find it to be impossible. We've been through this.
    And I'd rather not to see it in full. I've seen my Another Report and I've read my other versions for the SARs. Nothing at all indicates Namine took anything from Sora.
    Seeing how 90% of the populace disagrees with how you view the definition, I'd hardly call it 'clear-cut'. You can argue that and it's legitimate, but it's hardly clear-cut. That's one horse you're better off getting off of.
    She did come from his Body and Soul. Much like how originally, AtW thought she came from Kairi - without taking anything from Kairi herself.
    I think that Namine actually "taking" Sora's B+S would merit half a line about what Roxas is beyond Nobody - since now he's the highly unique special Nobody that isn't a Nobody at all. Where's the reference to that, kind sir? Unless you're really enjoying what you know about Days?

    The Memory thing makes enough sense with what we have today :v especially if Namine is some weird not-really-a-Nobody being. That way she can exist outside the "rules".

    To sum it up -
    Saying I'm in denial means you have clear-cut proof of what you're saying in which case this isn't a theory. That's something very big of you to say, I do hope you realize that. And until you can present me with something that says you're right, I'd appreciate it if you'll accept that people disagreeing with your theories is alright and you don't need to say they're in denial, or that them thinking it's impossible is ludicrous. It's their right.
    No, Nobodies are the vessels. Hence why they're capable of harboring Memories - they have "someplace" to put them in.
    And again - he never cared Namine lacked a vessel before, why should he care about it now that the source changed? Kairi's Body was occupied by Kairi, hence leaving Namine with none to use. Sora's Body was occupied by Roxas, once again leaving Namine with nothing to use, only now, you understand why she's so special and why she has the bond with Sora's Memories.
    Vessels don't just become "nonexistent" like how AtW described Namine to be.

    But I guess it's pointless as we're going in circles. Accept I've my reasons to not accept your theory as valid, because to me, it's beyond unlikely - it's impossible.
    The game's "cosmology" defines lack of existence to be the lack of Identity in that sense. Namine is described to be so unique and mind-buggling because even as a Nobody, she lacks what all other Nobodies have - a vessel. They all "become" Nobodies from the vessel, otherwise you can't explain Dusks and Creepers, or even the minor physical changes made to Nobodies from their Somebodies.
    Saying Namine, who is in posession of a vessel, naturally not in its original form yet a vessel nonetheless - is nonexistent, is contradictory.

    I wasn't mocking whatever you were trying to theorize about Roxas, mostly because I didn't really pay attention to that. All I was saying is that if you wanted Sora's B+S "out of the way", you could do so without saying it went to Namine, only with her still being nonexistent. As Namine being made of Sora's B+S, as they /became/ her - means she is still in a possession of a vessel and hence what's the point. And again the consequences not being brought to light makes me call shenanigans on this as this is no doubt something AtW would've mentioned.

    If you wanna theorize about Roxas not being Sora's B+S, say Kairi pulled the vessel back when she purified Sora. Leaves you with Roxas without the B+S, and Kairi truly restoring Sora instead of doing something she was never truly implied to being capable of doing. She simply undid the process while leaving by-products floating around.
    Makes more sense, as much sense as this thing makes.
    Only, again - I don't consider it logical. I consider it baseless and like I said - contradictory. Hence it's not valid.

    And I understand what you're saying. What I don't understand is how if she's in posession of a vessel - which you say she is - Kairi could fuse with her without there being reprecautions and if she is truly nonexistent why the hell are you saying Roxas doesn't have the B+S? You're saying, actually, the same thing I am about Namine, only that Sora's Body went kaput so you can theorize whatever about Roxas.
    That's what this boils down into as far as I can see, otherwise I can't explain where Sora's B+S went to.
    It is, seeing how it doesn't sit well with me as I find it rather baseless. That's not a valid theory to me. Kairi was based as being capable of warding off the Darkness, not creating vessels out of thin air.

    That doesn't change the fact that Kairi now has two vessels to her. And if you wanna try and explaining that you're stepping into completely uncharted waters as nothing of that sort was ever even implied. Sora needed a vessel. Roxas is his Nobody. Kairi had her own, while Namine is the dimmest of shadows, having barely anything to herself. I never did see how AtW saying she came from Sora's B+S instead of Kairi's changed anything. It's not like Namine having nothing to be made out of ever stopped him from theorizing before, and I think that the implications Namine using Sora's B+S to form from would have on Roxas would indeed be something AtW would've written about - especially since it quite possibly would affect Sora whom he needed in perfect shape.
    However - nothing of that sort is in the reports, at all.

    So no, nothing about this seems valid to me. It all seems rather baseless if not downright contradictory. And how is you taking "Namine came from Sora's B+S" as in "she was made from them" is me taking things literally here?
    Yeah I never was down with Kairi playing God and creating another Vessel. To begin with I don't think Sora needed a vessel - much like Xehanort's Heartless didn't really. He said himself that right after he lost his Body, there was no change visible - unlike Sora he managed to maintain his form, but without a vessel. Kairi restored Sora's Sense of Self and pushed the Darkness away, I cannot for the life of me see that she created anything. They never implied it, either.

    To top it all, if AtW himself wrote that Namine really was Sora's B+S... mmyeah, I doubt he'd have told Riku to off her. :v in light of me not believing Kairi created a new vessel for him.
    Well. Flattered you still remembered me, even though I fail to see how you could've reached what you said in the thread. Kairi has two Bodies now, lol?
    Was just browsing the thread but saw it was too long for me to get into.
    However, that post caught my attention. Are you talking about me refusing to accept Namine as a "Nobody" unless we made that definition far wider than the "Body and Soul", which was the common definition thus far? (leave Days out of this please XD I'm a patient one >>; )
    Or mayhap the Unbirth aspect of that theory?
    no, no , no, no....you see you ignored what i said completely, and predict that what you say will trump. again...he said from where he story goes. he didnt say "from what will happen next....i believe xemnas would have been a special nobody" and again. he knows but he never made it official. end of story...he only speculated it from the point of view he saw it. he didnt bring the evidence he didnt do much.
    ok....umm...no....implication would have been much more hintfull than a mere speculation of his.

    he specualted he didnt say it was or not. seriously, it doesnt matter. its not official and if he said he og ta feel of it from the story, not that he was or implying he was. it's just point of view of his.

    thats all.....let's stop it right here. there is nothing more we can say
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