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  • ._. He's also not been on in AIM/MSN. Or at least I think so. Not on much in either of them nowadays. Buuut. If he comes back, he's back.
    Yea. I do miss the chats. They were always nice. And yea... the inferno has been very quiet sadly. I really haven't much been on here really. I've been active more lately tho. RPG will probably be reset so yea. Been on Ig's site and waiting for the RPG over there. It toke a long time here for anything to be done with inferno :/ No one really wanted to do anything after 3.1 went away. But now it seems like things should pick up again. I'm really looking forward to what Neo and Sham plan. From what Neo has said to me he its going to be KH but not uber KH. Like not a lot of characters from it. Which is good. Hopefully more FF characters. I look forward to playing the inferno again and it being in full glory in spring time. Seems like Inferno is always best in spring, summer and early fall. Winter is just never a good time for it :/ And indeed. It is nice to hear from you after so long.
    Of course I do :3 It's been a long time since I've talked to you. Also, Inferno may get reset >_> Talked with Neo a bit at Ig's site. Said only a few things. He also said there was a new story that sham would be making o_O D and Neo would do the work for setting things up and such. Also talks of Pets being taken away and mods be taken away too. Making it so that it's just weapons we make. Like crafting and such. Hopefully that old idea of yours would be able to be used. <_< Hopefully I get to talk to you a bit in person soon :3
    It's been awhile since I've heard from you Zal. Just thought I'd let you know that Neo and Sham are talking about Inferno and Neo has a fairly good idea of what to do. I'll either let him say it to you or I'll PM it to you if desired. Maybe you'll come back around if Inferno is up and all >_>
    Pretty much the same. I got a week off from school because of Thanksgiving, so things are ok, for now. Do you know anything Neo, D, or Raticus are doing with the 'Ferno, as in making it the whole thing? All I wanna know if is they are reseting everyone when they, or if, they make it the whole thing.
    I've been good. Things have been odd the last few weeks to say the least >_> Busy with School and getting a job. How about you?
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