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  • they used to do that here to xD
    xD thats why i take to the habit of copying b4 posting.
    uh huh i mean with school and here there really isnt much time for the few games you 'beat' :rolleyes:
    lol i used to have dial up you dont know slow -_-
    o,0 how!? is that a yen sign? where you from!?
    long as i had to be back in a school it'd never be manageable. >:O ME TO!
    o,0 why would you think that?
    :/ very bad sometimes it forces me off the site >.<
    >XD PROVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :O thats why you should keep it off til you fix it!
    xD then your screwed, even the college graduates are having hard times.
    :I never worked for me, i still hope the damn places burn down.
    lol makes it ironic system lag causes them.
    :rolleyes: says the listless one~
    D: for how long? it can infect the whole system!? o,0
    would if i had another one to go to, the economy is so bad you have to take what you can get. ;~; i miss those days....
    0,0 how can you stand being in a school!?
    xD yeah, the lag is the cause of double posts.

    >XD so even you admit im right~
    they cant be fixed without help...it'll only delay its crash
    ;~; theres no other jobs i has to. o,0 your in college? AND FOR 5 DAYS A WEEK!?
    >XD then google the bosses and items!
    :rolleyes: uh huh

    D: if its got a virus why are you on here!? you should turn it off til its fixed >.>
    eh worked 5 days straight i cant tell how i am anymore ;~;
    ^3^ guu~
    >XD that cant be true cause you never finish the stories. also if thats that case your better off reading books.
    >xD those aint hard!
    xD why whatever do you mean?~
    o,0 you dont even know?
    but you probably would now~

    how are you todaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy!?
    >XD thats the thing tho very few of the secret reports to get the ending are hard.
    :rolleyes: uh huh
    >.> why would they just up and go the the guy next to him?
    xD even more reason why you keep track of your stuff!
    no you didnt, you havent worked til you got what you were after~ youtube's for newbs C:<
    xD yeah one out of how many was it?
    lol tho he shouldnt have done that :I if it wasnt going under owning your own business is a good thing.
    xD then get it back.
    not on TWEWY you you dont >XD you only get it thru work!
    no you wont you cant even bring yourself to finish a game.
    xD saying like that makes it seem his fault!
    or they 'borrowed' it without asking~
    xD you rely on the tube of you!? YOU WEEEEEEEAAAAAAAK!
    lol no they were written by Mr.H
    >:D no you wont!
    xD then he equal semi-awesome. cause he no longer got it.
    ?_? thats why you never lend anything.
    like me then :3 i dont think i beat any of them on ultimate especially Mr.H >.>
    haha i cant either so i focused on the reports getting them all tells Mr.H's true role in the game as well as add an extra part to the ending in the credits.
    xD 'the more you know'
    buy one so much easier. he has 3 o,0 he must be the awesomest person ever!
    xD 3 years? pfft hahahahahahah
    now thats something to be proud of! did you beat it on anything higher than easy? or get all the secret reports?
    pfft but not everything~
    >XD cause i's can! it is legtimate but in all honesty i wouldnt get the one mentioned on that wiki >.> no tellin what'll happen.
    it sure was! :D what was yer highest score?
    xD dont count it cause i beat that b4 i turned 10.
    YOU NO NOTHING! and yes im terrible at math in all respects.
    xD 'love' can be taken in many ways.
    i lie not! :O
    source Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    dude dotn dis tetris, that great game right there yo.
    :rolleyes: you must be if you hardly ever finished a game~
    *o* how do you know!
    pfft uh huh. XD
    xD actually i think they did once.
    thats cause the wouldnt be no more than little arcade like games.
    ;~; i know....BUT that give me the right to call you a newb >XD
    i'll drop the freakin moon!
    pfft like anyone will take you as leader :rolleyes:
    dont mean you shouldnt respect the forefathers! >:3
    speaking of atari i found one of those re-released ones that have 60 built in games o,0
    thats why you aint old enough ;D
    >:3 *gets bomb*
    lmao no such thing as no burny.
    no you wouldnt, its the 1st home console however cause its the father of all consoles it must be shown respect! >:3
    xD course you would~
    *gets gun*
    xD super glue might burns the cardboard ~
    and its that very reason yer not old enough~
    anything less than 19 isnt old enough i say~
    so's OoT yet they got them.
    xD how you gonna keep him from getting out of the box? XD you better!
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