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  • I'm doing good. Today's my b-day. I'm 20 now! ^w^ *checks your "about me" page* Oh, you like writing and dancing?! I do too! ^_^
    i pinky-promise :3

    It's not popular if I haven't heard about it.
    Yeah when I finish KH 2 I was expecting KH3 to be out the following year. lol I hadn't known KH2 at the time had taken a long time to be made. Then again I probably should have figure that out since I had KH1 since I was ten or eleven, but it never occur to me. But now having waited as long as I have for BBS and Days well now I know it's going to be even longer still for KH3. I never thought there would be side games. I just thought it would go 1 2 3.

    So once KH3 is made, and I have it, I don't think I'm going to continue with whatever else Nomura throws at us after it's over with Xehanort too. To think I'm still waiting for KH3 and its been quite a few years already. Kind of dreading how long its taking but... I'll hold out for KH3.

    As for the 3DS, in a way I am a Zelda fan but... since I already have Ocarina of Time on Nintendo 64, I don't see the point in buying it a second time. I mean I get why there bringing Zelda and Star Fox back cause there classics and future generations will get a chance to play it. Yet I don't think I'll get it. It's definitely going to be hard to resist to not buy them. But I rather have the new Zelda that might be out next year on Wii. The only reason I would get the 3DS would be for KH. So I don't know if I'll get it or not. Depends on how badly I want it for KH3DS.

    It just seems silly to buy it though for just that one game. But I don't know what I will do in the end.
    lol I know what ya mean. In one way I'm debating on getting KH3D but at the same time I'm not sure if I want to get the 3DS that I will probably only play once unless I get some other 3DS games :-/

    Yeah I want KH3 too. I have to watch KH2 intro to remind me of why I still love the series. I mean I wonder just how much longer we will have to wait, and with Nomura having so many projects I know it won't be until 2015 or something like that. So I'm trying to still be patient, I feel like the wait will be worth it but still with all the side games, I think if he just put it all into KH3 we wouldn't have to go through a bunch of side games. And would have had the game already.

    Well I'm still glad I got BBS since I've waited a long time for it. Yet I guess we will all be waiting a while longer for KH3.

    As for KH3D depending on the info we get, it will help me decide if it's worth getting. If only it was KH3 instead of a side game. Well I'm sure your right it will probably be disappointing.... unless it's as good as BBS. Other wise.. I don't know I will probably wait and see what the mystery game is or until KH3.
    Yeah I guess that's true in one way with the final mix we will be able to play it. But still I think it's a waste of money too :) lol

    And I agree that they owe us to tell us more on KH3D. I mean BBSFM isn't all that important really, I want info on future titles more.
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