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  • o.It's alright nothing that serious. I kinda want to go to school but then i don't want to can't stand a lot of homework,Teachers,projects,worrying what to wear the next day,Grades,annoying students.but then I don't want to stay home all day doing nothing.
    kool i'm 2 lazy 2 text mines done lol forgive me xD, yea i love brawl and i 2 always get a bad connetion when i play online. u should get mariokart
    i don't know what mine is lol, i gotta find out my wii's been pickin up dust lmao xD
    no i don't have your friend code or anything...GIMME YOUR FRIEND CODE LOL so i can wop u lol
    That's great! I'm glad you like it. While Power Rangers has always been a kids show, you'll notice that Super Sentai is much more mature. As I am typing this, Gokaiger is currently at 13 episodes. They are usually released on a weekly basis. Also, if you ever want to do some research, the Power Rangers wiki is a good site that has everything you could ever want to know about both Power Rangers and Super Sentai.
    Also, if you click the picture in my sig it takes you to a really cool clip from the show.
    Its hard to find it just anywhere because it's made by Toei, who are very stingy with their footage. There are two youtube channels that I know of that upload the episodes with English subtitles. I highly recommended watching it because so far it is my favorite out of all 35 seasons. This being the 35th anniversary, they made this a special season. The rangers, which are pirates btw, have the ability to morph into any ranger from any previous season.

    The two youtube channels are xmirajinx2 and DtKingdomRising

    They go through a complicated process while uploading the episodes so that they don't get found, deleted, and banned by Toei. So if you get confused looking for the episodes, just ask me and I'll provide you with a direct link to each one.

    There is also a site called TV Nihon that lets you download each episode subbed in English along with many other seasons of Super Sentai. I'm sure you'll enjoy Gokaiger, because its one of my favorite shows ever. It's kind of like watching anime, but live action.
    Do you know that Power Rangers is actually an adaptation of a long-running Japanese show called Super Sentai? They just take the Super Sentai footage, costumes, and props and thats how they make Power Rangers. Anyway the picture in my sig is from the latest Super Sentai season, Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. It hasn't been made into a Power Rangers season yet.
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