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  • Dude, I have some free time. Wanna Brawl?

    (*whisper*I scratch your back you scratch mine*whisper*)
    You know have 6 Rep!!!

    ^^ no probs, enjoy!

    this one's eng dub sucks alot...Kohta sounds soooo retarded
    ok, this is the site i use for most of my anime
    Anime Seed, Elfen Lied
    the first 10 episodes (i think) are in english, and the boy sounds soooo retarded, but the last couple are in japanese
    i watched it on an anime streaming sight
    OH YEA! so many people die in the first several minutes, its insane

    neh, school is just killer. there is nothing to fight the boredom
    No, you're on my rep list. XD
    I've been maxing out every day, so I should be able to get to you tomorrow. <3
    Well, they're pretty much the only people I talk to on the forums. XD
    When was the last time I repped you?
    the begining is insane
    its a pretty mature anime, but soooooo awesome

    i swear, the first episode is the most gory animated thing i have ever seen. but i love it =D
    i am alright too, just getting sick of school. its boring the shit out of me
    why thanks!!!
    about the sig, i mean. i still need lotsa practice

    i love eflen lied too!
    so whats up? thanks again, for the pic comment
    I swear, it's all because I'm continuously repped by SA/R-K/Cis/Noo. It's like a giant circle of rep-whorage.

    And I beg for rep. XD
    *Is glomped* <3
    Naw. Don't do that. If you need to negarep someone, negarep Xanagar or whatever.
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