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  • Hey there! Saw you sent me a friend request and just wanted to say hi and stuff.
    Well, I´m currently in mexico where I have no acces to any image editing stuff like
    Photoshop but I´d be happy to make you a sig if you like. (when i get back home of course)
    Just let me know if you do so you can give me the details ahead of time.

    Thanks and see ya around!

    hey thanks your the first to comment on it! lol anyway i think dygados a cool screen name reminds me of a show or something......
    2 friends down..... pretty much the rest of this site to go
    lol hi there just wanna say u got a sick sig, the names Brol but i dunno why i decided to put my name as Dygado D: w.e whats up?
    god i was wonderin what the boxes were for
    i just guessed to look cool XP
    thanx again
    Well, for one, you cannot rep a person. You can only rep their posts, which is the same as repping them.

    Your rep power goes up by one point for every year you've spent as a member of KHI, every 1000 posts and for every 100 rep points that others have given you. You get an extra rep box (the green thing) for every time you get another 100 rep points given to you. You get one green box as soon as you are repped. You get an extra box for every 100 points, but once you've got five boxes, it'll then be 200 points per box, and the following boxes are all a lighter green.

    Nega-repping someone takes away from them half of your rep power divided by two and rounded up. So if I were to nega-rep you, with me having 9 points, it would be 4.5, but because we can't have half rep points, it'll be rounded up to 5, and you would lose 5 points.

    That's pretty much it.
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